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Successful Life Coach Interview – Can a Humorous Spokesman Lead a Team of People Dumb Jokes?

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A humorous story of a young man who, feeling very sad, went to a psychic to ask for help; the psychic told him that he would be very sad because he would have to give up his sense of humor. The name of the movie borrows some inspiration from Dumb Jokes for Smart People ( 1992). The main character in both stories is a personification of intelligence. The difference is that, in the case of the latter movie, the character is dumb and the wise guy is smart.

This type of comedy is a perfect fit for fathers and sons because it allows them to share in an important and humorous relationship. Father and son can enjoy the laughter of each other without any guilt. Dads can be funny, but when it comes to raising their kids in a truthful and balanced manner, they just can’t do it. It is common for dads to be less humorous than moms and vice versa.

The premise behind “Dumb Joke” is simple. A famous stand-up comic named Delfino launches a campaign to have America ban dumb jokes. He wants America to laugh at the jokes instead of at him. After a few nights of raising hell with his dad’s jokes routine, Delfino realizes he has lost people because of his tactics. The next morning, as he is about to leave for the night, a waiter brings him a big bag of candy. The voice-over says, “This was a stupid idea, son. You couldn’t make a living selling candy.”

Dad Laugh Out Loud is a movie I saw recently that makes you laugh so hard you cry. It is called Drowning Without Laughing. It stars Nicholas Cage as Delfino, a bad jokester who finds life difficult because he can’t get anyone to laugh at his jokes. The movie is about a young man named Sid, who loves to tell dad jokes, but cannot seem to make any. He is told by a boy named Scotty, “You’re not funny, you just talkin’ about stuff you’re interested in.” When a group of high school students decides to take him on as their life coach, things seem to work.Dumb Jokes

The trainer teaches Delfino to come up with ten short dumb jokes he can use during the week. The rest are simply lame jokes that anyone would make at home. One night out with some friends, Delfino tells Scotty, “I have to say something really dumb, but it’s probably worth a laugh. The rest of your friends might not get it, but everyone else will, so keep it cool.” Then he knocks on everyone’s door, asking if anyone wants to hear one of his dumb jokes.

Each person who answers knows that Delfino is simply trying to promote his act and so they cheer him on. About an hour later, Delfino finally gets one funny comment from a girl named Beth, “Delfino, you dumbest comedian I’ve ever known. You should be thanking God for making you a celebrity.” Delfino responds, “I guess I didn’t think I was a star.” Everyone laughs, and finally, the group realizes that there really is no such thing as a “star”.

While Dumb and Jokes might not be the greatest thing since sliced bread, it does help bring out the best in someone. The people that are around Delfino are impressed with his ability to crack jokes, and he finds that his jokes become even more fun when he starts talking about other people’s lame jokes. Some of them are memorable, and some are just plain silly. But no matter what kind of jokes he tries, he always seems to come up with a few gems that others will turn into classics. When asked if he thinks it is possible to mix some stand-up comedy with his work as a life coach, he says, “I think it’s possible to make a living doing both. I think my best work is going to come when I’m just talking to myself.”

The success of Delfino lies in the fact that he is able to take the mundane, and turn it into something memorable, and something people will talk about for years. He wants to share his love of funny lame jokes with his audiences. He wants to show them that there is life out there that makes life good, but can also make life better. If you have some funny jokes to tell, then maybe you should give it a shot.

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