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Who came up with the funniest joke of all time? If you are asking that question, I bet you watched one of those Friends reruns. If not, then you are truly missing out! This is an article about where and how to find the funniest jokes of all time. It also lists some of my personal favorites as well.


The Friends Episode 10 “The Best Friend Falls Asleep” is probably my personal favorite. Even when it is not funny, I still enjoy watching it. So this article will focus on where and how to find the funniest and hilarious Friends episodes. Also, remember to add up-to-the-minute info about how to watch the amazing Friends: The Reunion as well.

Season Eight of Friends features a great many guest stars. Two of the biggest names in the show are Chris Elliott and Jennifer Aniston. In this episode, the guys are supposed to be sleeping after going off to the beach. There is a wonderful exchange between two hunters, “This is a bad dream.”

This exchange is priceless, and it makes me laugh every single time. However, the funniest thing that ever happened to Friends was when Rachel would always wake up in the middle of the night crying because her boyfriend had passed away. The perfect ending for this absurd storyline is the clip below.

Two hunters are walking along when a weird-looking guy suddenly jumps out from behind them and starts telling jokes. He keeps telling funny jokes to the guys and they start laughing until they realize who he is. He is none other than Ross, the guy that used to date Rachel’s mother. Eventually, Ross realizes what he is doing and stops telling the jokes but not before telling one of the funniest stories ever told on Friends. Listen closely as I tell you about this funny story.

In the season eight premiere, Ross wakes up in the middle of the night with a puddle on the floor next to him. Before he can get back to sleep he hears two people talking in their sleep. One of them is his old friend Rachel and the other is his fiance Rachel. The two talks for quite some time before Ross finally decides enough is enough and goes to find his friends. As he is walking towards them he hears one of them telling Rachel “I would have done something different if I had two wits!”funniest

What follows is Ross and Rachel making out for the first time. This is followed by Rachel making out with another man. Everyone thinks this is a very funny scene and they all want to watch this scene again just to see if they could make it funnier. After all, that happens when two people make out in real life, but in this case, they both fall asleep! So, I went to my Google and searched for the funniest things that could happen in real life, and I got over four thousand results. So, here are the real-life examples of when Ross makes out in the show.

The first example is from season 5, episode 11. When Phoebe is dating Ross for the first time and he is hanging out in Phoebe’s apartment and she accidentally spills coffee on him. Phoebe immediately puts her stuff away and goes outside to clean herself up, but Ross walks in on her with the coffee on him. This is one of my favorite scenes from this show, so if you have not seen it yet, watch it.

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