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3 Funny ways to answer the phone

Funny ways to answer the phone

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Funny ways to answer the phone


Funny Ways to Answer the Phone

Everyone gets unforgettable experiences from the great delights of life especially funny ways to pickup the cell phone. There are fun ways to say hi on your mobile device at all times. Many men and women answer the call in an amusing way with an idea to bring a smile to the face of whom they speak.  It is a suitable time to know and keep in mind some epic funny methods to pickup the phone. The following details explain to you some of these funny methods.

911, what’s your emergency?

If a call comes in, then you can say this. Keep in mind that you must not let the other person say anything and interrupt. This method does not fail to make the other person laugh out loud almost immediately. 

Spam call

If it’s a lady on the other end of the phone call, then you can yell “Ooooooh it’s a lady”! This lady will get a good laugh with no doubt and delay.

Grandpa! You are alive!

You may seek funny ways to pickup the phone at this time. You can use this funny thing and when you get from your introverted friend on the phone. You can sequel happily when he says hello. This approach gives conversation with the other person interesting and a lively start for sure. You have to follow this funny way and plan a meet-up.

Thank you for calling

Many teens and adults have said this over the phone several times to a caller.  This answer is one of the funniest methods to pick up the phone as it has a subtle sense of humor. This message has to be transferred to your caller quite clearly devoid of making him or her feel bad in any aspect. You may think about when and whom you can use this method to say howdee on the cell phone. If you have frank terms with your manager who calls you up every hour to check the report. He or she will get a good laugh and not object as you gave him the message to spare you for 5 minutes.

Phone tag, you are it?

It is a suitable time to remember the childhood game of tag, you’re it?   This is because this is the same with such a phrase along with a slight change to a caller. This funny message sounds good when you like to create a mischievous or playful vibe. Many people use this fun method to pickup.

You are gonna be my new phone buddy 

You may have a long list of your best pals and think about how to take your friendship to a new level at this time. You can use this fun method to answer the cell phone with your friend hereafter. This is worthwhile to make your verbal carnival by saying this when your new friend calls to leave a message next time. You can get unforgettable moments from this lively and fun way to answer the phone for a caller. You will get remarkable benefits from the proper use of funny ways to answer the phone on time.

Interesting way to answer

I have this amusing memory of my boss once answering the phone in the most interesting way. It’s like that whole concept of an “Interesting way to answer” just came to life. Instead of the usual hello, my boss went into this secret agent persona, saying, ‘The eagle has landed, how can I assist you, 007?’ And then there was this other time when my boss started beatboxing during a call, turning it into an impromptu concert of sorts. They even tried their hand at narrating the conversation as if they were a sports commentator and stumbled their way through some tongue twisters. It goes to show, even the simplest things like picking up the phone can be a source of unexpected laughter and joy.

Know the caller

You’ve dialed the right number! Prepare for a chuckle-worthy adventure as I attempt to mimic the sound of a dolphin tap dancing or a robot doing the cha-cha. Or how about a dramatic Shakespearean monologue instead of a simple ‘Hello’? Feeling hungry? Well, I might just pretend to be a pizza delivery service. From wacky accents to unexpected animal impersonations, your call will surely turn into a laughter-filled rendezvous. Remember, you’ve reached the realm of absurdity, where ‘Trying to reach’ takes on a whole new, comical meaning!”

Call you back

Ah, the infamous “call back” dance – that moment when you stare at your phone, contemplating the best way to greet the incoming call. Do you go for the classic “Hello?” Or maybe something more eccentric like, “Greetings, Earthling!” But hold on, before you panic and unleash your inner pop culture icon, consider this: why not have a little fun with it? Imagine answering with a confident, “Ahoy, matey! Ready to set sail on the conversational seas?” You’d practically hear the puzzled laughter on the other end. And if you’re feeling extra whimsical, how about a mysterious, “Speak, mortal, and please enter the realm of riveting discourse.” Trust me, embracing the unexpected can make those mundane calls feel like a scene from a quirky comedy.

Answering machine

Now, the saga continues with the inevitable voicemail. You hear that familiar “beep,” and suddenly your mind goes blank. Do you stick to the robotic script of “Please leave a message after the tone”? Well, here’s your chance to channel your inner Shakespeare or perhaps your favorite cartoon character. Imagine, “To message or not to message, that is the question. But of course, thou shouldst leave thy verbal masterpiece after the melodious beep!” Or you could go all in with, “Beep me up, Scotty! Your message shall journey through the cosmos of my voicemail inbox.” Remember, this is your voicemail kingdom; you can reign as the king or queen of quirky responses.

Answer calls

Now, we arrive at the thrilling moment of returning a call. You’ve got their message, and the pressure’s on. But why not flip the script and turn the tables with a hilarious twist? Picture this: you dial the number, and just as they’re about to answer, you burst out in your best game show host voice, “Congratulations! You’ve won the privilege of chatting with me!” The bewildered silence will surely be followed by peals of laughter. And hey, if you’re feeling particularly cheeky, switch to your best Dracula impression: “I vant to talk to you, ah-ah-ah!” Their call-back anxiety will be washed away by fits of giggles. Just remember, in the grand theater of life, even returning calls can become a sideshow of comedic brilliance.

In conclusion, the world of phone interactions might seem mundane, but injecting a touch of humor and creativity can turn even the simplest moments into hilarious anecdotes. So, the next time the phone rings, embrace and brighten your inner pop culture character, throw caution to the wind, and let your quirky greetings, voicemails, and call-backs take center stage. After all, life is too short for monotony – let the comedy begin!

Humorous ways

Movies have long been a stage for humorous and memorable phone conversations. From classic comedies to modern blockbusters, filmmakers have ingeniously woven amusing phone interactions into their stories. Think about those moments when characters pick up the receiver and instead of a simple “hello,” they playfully blurt out lines like “Cooperate with us, or the rubber chicken gets it!” It’s these unexpected ways to sound funny that stick in our minds and leave us chuckling long after the credits roll. In the golden age of Hollywood, comedic legends like Cary Grant and Lucille Ball masterfully infused their characters’ phone conversations with witty banter and comedic timing that elevated every scene. Whether it’s a call gone awry or a clever diversion, the movies have shown us that there’s no limit to the hilarity that can ensue when a phone call becomes a comedic centerpiece.


Let’s step back in time to a pre-cell phone era, where answering machines reigned supreme. In those days, the recording of your voicemail message was a golden opportunity to showcase your creativity. Remember those unforgettable classics? “I can’t come to the phone right now because I’m currently trying to reach the coffee pot without spilling any more on myself.” Or the classic dodge: “Hello, this is [Your Name]. I can’t come to the phone right now, but if you leave your name and number, I’ll pretend to get back to you as soon as possible.” These playful answers were a delightful way to brighten someone’s day and inject a dose of laughter into the routine of life. It’s evidence that you are involved in the creation of humor, even when you’re not there to answer the call.

Digital age

Fast-forward to today, and the digital age has opened up new avenues for comedic phone antics. Text-to-speech apps and customizable ringtones provide ample opportunities to surprise callers with a chuckle-inducing response. Picture this: your phone rings, and instead of the typical ringtone, it’s a voice saying, “Hey, can you call us back and claim your prize of endless laughter?” Or, if you’re feeling particularly mischievous, the automated voice on your voicemail might chime in with, “Congratulations! You’ve reached the voicemail of [Your Name]. To proceed, you must perform your best chicken impression. Go ahead, we’re listening.” These innovative twists on phone interactions show that humor knows no bounds, and technology is just another canvas for expressing your favorite ways to answer a call.


Of course, comedy and creativity extend beyond entertainment – they’re part of everyday life. From cheeky answering machine messages to humorous voicemails, we find ways to infuse humor into even the most routine tasks. It’s all about adding a dash of fun to our interactions and making someone’s day a little brighter. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a good laugh when they’re just trying to connect? So, the next time your phone rings, take a page from the movies, history, and the digital age. Whether you’re evading telemarketers with a quirky line or making your voicemail a comedy club stage, remember that a little humor goes a long way in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. And who knows, your playful response might just become the stuff of legends – a delightful reminder that in a world buzzing with communication, laughter is the universal language we all understand.

Persistant family member

Navigating those tricky conversations with family, work, or even the dreaded jury duty can be a challenge. Enter the realm of the funny phone call escape – a space where creativity reigns supreme. Imagine, you pick up the cell phone with a woman’s voice to sound like the ultimate procrastinator, saying, “Hello, you’ve reached the headquarters of Instant Procrastination Services. If you’re calling to discuss responsibilities, please do your own research before contacting us. For all other matters, leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we finish our snacks.” Whether it’s a persistent family member, a demanding boss, or the summons for jury duty, this hilarious twist is sure to get a laugh and, perhaps, a reprieve from the serious conversations that lie ahead.

Who’s calling?

Ah, the dreaded unknown number – often a gateway to telemarketeers and never-ending sales pitches. But what if you could turn the tables and use this scenario to your advantage? With a good sense of humor, you could adopt a voice of authority and announce, “Attention! This call is very important. By staying on the line, you are agreeing to listen to my passionate monologue on the importance of napping as a life skill. If you hang up now, I’ll assume you’re already an expert and don’t need this life-changing information.” Not only will you earn a chuckle from qualifying purchases, but you might also confuse the telemarketeer enough to put you on their “do not call” list. Talk about a win-win situation – they make you laugh, and they get an entertaining story to share with their colleagues.

Annoying friends

Navigating friendships can sometimes be as tricky as avoiding jury duty. Annoying friends who call to chat? Fear not, for the funny phone response can come to your rescue once again. Imagine answering with an overly dramatic tone, “Greetings, this is the International Institute of Intriguing Inquiries. Unfortunately, I’m unable to reveal classified information without proper authorization. If you can answer this riddle correctly, you shall gain access to my secrets: What has keys but can’t open locks?” As they ponder the riddle, you can bask in the glory of having masterfully confused your friend while avoiding a potentially lengthy conversation. Plus, they’ll appreciate your commitment to turning a mundane chat into a mind-bending puzzle. 

In the realm of phone interactions, humor is the ultimate escape hatch. Whether you’re skillfully dodging family gatherings, evading work-related stress, or outwitting telemarketers, a clever and funny response can make all the difference. By using unexpected voices, baffling riddles, or even poking fun at your own procrastination tendencies, you not only lighten the mood but also give everyone involved a reason to smile. So, the next time you’re faced with an incoming call you’d rather avoid, remember that a well-placed dose of humor is your secret weapon. After all, laughter is a universal language that has the power to turn any call into an entertaining adventure.

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