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7 funny dentist jokes

Dentist jokes to keep the pain away

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Some of these dentist jokes are a bit spicy!


Lion and the dentist

Lion: Doctor, doctor, I’m a blood-sucking monster and I keep needing to eat doctors.

Doctor: Oh what a shame. I’m a dentist.

Man and wife

man and his wife are in bed, the wife is trying to sleep when the husband taps her on the shoulder and asks her if she wants to get laid…. She says “Not tonight honey,I have a gynecologist appointment in the morning and I wanna be fresh “… 10 minutes goes by and the husband taps her on the shoulder again and asks, ” Honey do you have a dentist appointment tomoorow as well” ?

High costs

Fred’s mother was on the telephone to the boy’s dentist. “I don’t understand it,” she complained, “I thought his treatment would only cost me $20, but you’ve charged me $80.”

“It is usually $20, ma’am,” agreed the dentist, “but Fred yelled so loudly that three of my other patients ran away!”

Player dentist

One day a man met a lady at a bar and asked her if he could buy her a drink she said yes. They got to talking and sex got in the conversation, they went back to his home and closed the deal.

When they got done the lady asked are you a dentist?, the man replied why yes how did u now?. She replied, i didnt feel a thing.

Bity Nigel

Nigel: You said the school dentist would be painless, but he wasn’t.

Teacher: Did he hurt you?

Nigel: No, but he screamed when I bit his finger.

Painkiller Dentist

A man went to the dentist because his tooth was hurting.

The dentist told him after the examination that he need a root canal.

The man replied “O.K. lets do it”.

The dentist told him he will feel a pinch when he gives him the shot of the numbing agent.
The man says “NO Doc I am allergic to that”.

The doctor tells him O.K. we are going to give you Nitrous Oxide.

The man says “No Doc I am allergic to the gas.”

So then the doctor gives him 2 pills with a glass of water & the man takes it.

The doctor comes back in 10 minutes & the man says “Doc will those 2 blue pills kill the pain?”

The doctor replies “no, that was Viagra.”

The man says “Viagra!, I don’t need that! What’s that going to do for me?”

The doctor replies, “I know, But it will give you something to hang on to”.

The lockpicker

The dentist was called away from the dinner table to take an urgent phone call. It was Mr. Tuckerman, explaining that young Junior had gotten himself into quite a fix.
See, he was kissing his girlfriend, and when my wife and I came back from the movies we found them stuck together.
I’ll come right over, Mr. Tuckerman,” said the dentist calmly, “and don’t worry about a thing.
I have to unlock teenagers’ braces all the time.
Mr. Tuckerman whispered, “Yes, but from an IUD?”






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