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Top 20 Most Funny Stories Ever: Time for some laughs! Every single day, we hear a different funny story. The Internet is full of funny stories from all over the world. If that sounds like something that you, too, are interested in, this is your very special blog for you! This post contains some of the best funny stories I’ve ever heard, along with some tips to making them more memorable.

Did you ever consider starting a road trip with funny stories? You could have many wonderful and funny short stories that would be perfect for this road trip. There is nothing better than taking a road trip to enjoy a vacation with family and friends.

I remember years ago going on a road trip with my friend, John. We decided to stop at a gas station to use the bathroom. As we were leaving, we decided to purchase some “adult” products. When we got home, John immediately felt ill. He claimed that he had a bad feeling about what we were doing and began to have a panic attack.

Since that day, John and I have talked often about that night and how it would have been funny if only we knew about the “adult” products in that particular gas station. Today, that same gas station is one of my favorite places to take the family on a road trip. Here are some of my favorite funny stories, along with some useful tips to making them even funnier!

When we started out our road trip, I made a point to bring several boxes of funny travel stories. I have a few different boxes that I keep on hand, and while some have gone missing over the years, I keep the rest on hand for when my kids want to have a little fun and share their funny stories. My oldest child still gets excited when he sees a box of these stories, and he shares some with me each time we visit a new destination.

Another one of my long trips with my children was to Las Vegas. Needless to say, it wasn’t much fun, but we did manage to score several “funny” stories from all over the place. It was fun to hear all the different funny things people tell about going to Vegas. One of my favorites of those funny Vegas stories was a guy who told me about how he and his friends used to go on a game of “Dunk II” every summer with all of their equipment at the hotel’s basketball court.

The other “funny” thing I heard about going to Las Vegas was a story about how one of the players on the basketball team went out to eat at a restaurant while they were in training in Vegas. The waitress asked them where they had their dinner and they said they went to a place called Bob Marley’s Famous Tent. I guess you could call it a restaurant in name, but it was definitely a BBQ-style place with a tent outside that you could sit in and camp out under. Well, the guy and his friends had just about enough food, so instead of taking the charcoal tray they decided to burn their bbq chicken in the tent. Needless to say, the waitress was not amused and they were gone before they got a chance to eat their desert.

There are all sorts of crazy things people will do on a road trip through time. That is why I love road trips, because it is so exciting to hear all the different funny stories about different places people visit. If you would like to hear more funny stories about road trips, try searching the internet for some of your own funny stories from road trips. Maybe you can share some of yours with some of the people who read my blog. That way they can see if I have some funny stories that they might like to hear about. After all, a road trip is supposed to be fun for everyone!

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