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very very funny jokes in Punjabi

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There is no dearth of very very funny jokes on the internet. You just have to spend some time on the World Wide Web and find them. The very famous George Carlin often gets credit for creating the genre of very very funny jokes. But it must be said that he did this while he was very young and it is his trademark style of writing that carries forward all the years of his career. It is very funny to listen to his stories about people and situations that are very real and very funny.very very funny jokes

What is interesting about very very funny jokes is that many of them are very short jokes. These jokes, even when they are very short, leave an impression on the listener that makes them unforgettable. They make you think and they make you laugh. Laughter is one of the best natural stress busters and jokes are a very good way of relieving stress. Of course, there are many other ways of dealing with stress but laughter is probably the best natural way and there is nothing better at relieving stress than to see somebody having fun.

In very very funny jokes, you will hear people using some very ordinary yet funny words and phrases that are used colloquially in Hindi. For instance, one joke that is quite popular amongst people in India is ‘When you are asleep, say your prayers. This is a very silly joke but it actually tells the message of praying and making sure that you wake up at the right time each day. Another funny joke in Hindi that you will hear is ‘When you are in Delhi, say goodbye to all the foreigners and embrace the locals’.

There are many other jokes as well that are very popular with the people of India and even outside India. One of the most common jokes in Hindi is the one that states that the first-ever President of the independent nation of Pakistan was the daughter of a banana plant. If you can get your hands on a good Punjabi jokes book, then you will be able to find hundreds of funny jokes in Punjabi that you can use in your everyday life.very very funny jokes

A lot of times, people compare Punjabi jokes with British English jokes. However, they have been there for so many years. In fact, the British English version of funny jokes has already been around for so long that we actually still use some of them today. What is funny in Punjabi though is that you can very much tell a Punjabi joke from a British English joke. It does not matter if you have been conversing in English for years or if you only know English as your mother tongue. The funny jokes in Punjabi will be exactly the same.

There are many sites on the internet that can give you access to very short jokes in Punjabi. You can also join Punjabi chat groups where you will get to hear Punjabi jokes very often. These types of jokes do not have very long names but instead, have very simple and understandable names. This makes it very easy for everybody to understand and remember them.

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