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The Difference Between Silly Quotes and Stupid Quotes

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There are many types of stupid quotes, and some have more charm and wittiness than others. Some of them are said by famous or infamous personalities, while others are inspired by real-life situations. No matter which type you prefer, you would find many quotations that are full of wisdom and funny expressions. Take note that not all of those quotations are from the most well-known or respected persons. Some of them were quoted by those who were less popular or by those who were just ordinary citizens.stupid quotes

The most common quote about being stupid is from a book written by Bertrand Russell. Russell’s book, “The Logic of Common Sense,” inspired many people because it presented alternative ways to approach the problem of common sense. Instead of following the path that most experts wanted to take, Russell proposed that there are certain common-sense principles that can lead to irrational conclusions. If you follow these principles in common sense, instead of coming up with silly reasons for acting stupidly, you would find yourself making rational and realistic choices instead.

In order to make sure that Russell’s ideas are not misconstrued, it would be best if you avoid his “inferior intellect” quote. This quote is taken from “The Mirror of Common Sense.” To explain, when you act in accordance with your “common sense,” you will end up doing something stupid. In order to prevent himself from being labeled as a “moron,” Russell added the word “idiot” to define someone whose common sense is so off-kilter that he is not able to rationally think out his own thoughts. Russell wanted to make sure that his ” idiot ” quote would never lead to stereotypes about stupid people.stupid quotes

stupid quotes Some people believe that quotes like “an open mind is the greatest power” or “the problem with closed minds is that they think” are open-minded quotes. However, these quotes only serve to open a person’s mind to the possibility that his thoughts may be wrong, which is the opposite of what Russell said in his book. These “silly quotes” are often used by those who are looking to convince someone that they have an open mind.

An even bigger mistake than using “insane” quotes is to use quotes that make fun of someone in a negative light. If you read too much into the words of a quote, then you are more likely to come across as a silly, ignorant, or immature person. Some people seem to think that all of us possess an endless supply of stupid ideas, and that we should continually say things to people that will only make them think even more, but this is a complete misunderstanding of how to properly approach a person, a situation, or a situation in general. Some people believe that being “insane” means saying exactly the opposite of what a normal person would.

The problem with being “insane” or “stupid” is that it can make you seem like a person does not know what he is talking about, and in some cases is actually making fun of another person. Instead of using quotes like “you are stupid and I am not,” use quotes that makes fun of the subject, but without personally attacking. “You are so stupid, you have no idea what your feet are even doing,” is a quote that makes fun of the subject without being mean-spirited. Instead, the quote simply says that the person in question is ignorant and shows why she should be educated.

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