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It does not matter what type of social comedy you possess, whether you’re in the mood for making funny stupid jokes or not, odds are pretty good that this article is going to make you laugh hard and elicit positive reactions from you audience. Do you desire to simply inspire the crowd with wacky jokes? Then just scroll down to discover 75 dumb jokes which you could employ to really make people laugh fast. If you’re seeking a more constructive approach towards your joke writing, then you’ll no doubt be delighted by these ideas.

Are there any stories behind the success of your jokes? Have you ever read any books on how to create effective jokes for stand-up comedy? Most probably, not. However, your story should be based upon a real-life experience, if possible. This is the best type of storytelling that will get you going on your way to being a successful joke writer. There are some great stories behind the successes of some of the greatest joke writers of all time:

stupid jokes

George Carlin has delivered countless brilliant one liners on many different subjects. What better way to start a great story than sharing some of your stupid jokes from time to time? If you are looking for some quick inspiration, Carlin’s published works reflect his penchant for spontaneously funny stories. For example, take note of any stories that involve money, religion, politics, violence, or other topics you may find interesting. Then you can begin to craft your own one liners. Here are some examples of stories that he relates:

George Carlin on his website offers some examples of his stupid jokes. He starts out with a couple of jokes about how some women act like dogs after getting a bath. Then he shares about how some guys try to out-snort each other at the gym. The tone of this web page is light and humorous and offers you plenty of material to begin creating your own collection of one liners.

If you are a fan of stand-up comedy, you will enjoy listening to some of George Carlin’s material. To make your collection complete, you can create a blank inside the notecard set that comes with the Carlin CD. Then you can write in jokes about the things that bother you most.

Another great source of silly stupid jokes is your favorite daily newspaper column. What makes this collection of jokes from the paper so great is that you don’t have to wait to publish them. You simply put in a new note each day and then re-write the old one. As long as you enjoy the process, you will have plenty to keep you amused for quite some time. You can also use the blank inside the note card set to write in jokes about how you are feeling about certain situations.

stupid jokes

One category of silly jokes that your coworkers may enjoy reading is funny puns. There is a good chance that your boss or another colleague has a collection of jokes that they find very funny. To make your boss’ day better, you can even come up with your own puns. You can slip in some Puny Puppy jokes into your weekly meeting or you can come up with your own puns to ask your boss about some of the problems that he or she sees. Another great thing about these jokes is that they often have a social or emotional significance attached to them.

Peter Pan never flying off the ground is one of the most popular examples of silly stupid jokes. You might not think it, but many people enjoy telling this joke to others who think or know this story. While many people use the expression to bring a smile to someone’s face, many other people get a kick out of seeing it. The expression on the face of whoever is listening to the story or telling the story can make things just that much better for the giver and the person who is getting the punch line in. No wonder everyone keeps coming back to stupid jokes like Peter Pan always flying off the ground.

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