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The Importance of Short Funny Jokes

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It is so nice that there are some great short funny jokes on the web. I think that we have all heard some funny things said at some point in time, but they usually have very long headlines or just repeated lines. The thing is, the more longwinded the joke is, the less of an impact it has. There are some jokes that are so short and simple that they still make you laugh.

short funny jokes

There was a time not too long ago when people were really into long stories about things and they also had a lot of funny stuff on their fingertips. But today, short funny jokes are all the rage and the great thing about that is that they are often free. You do not have to take up those annoying prescription drugs after all, since some short funny jokes can actually cure you of those aches. A good dose of laughter does wonders for your health, so you may not want to take those pills after all.

Laughter is good for your health – that seems to be the idea behind some of these puns that are available in short funny jokes. Most of the time, the puns are made in fun and they are meant to lighten the atmosphere. However, sometimes they can also have a political slant as well. Political jokes are usually about the current political scene and often include some famous or infamous quotes by prominent figures. Puns on TV and in politics go back to the days of the first world war when the media played a big role in influencing public opinion.short funny jokes

The great thing about some of the political short funny jokes is that they can be enjoyed by anyone no matter what their age is. In fact, many of the younger generations enjoy political jokes more than any other kind of joke. The jokes are often made using colorful language and the delivery can be just as funny. Many joke tellers will tell some of the best jokes in their career, but then only make them available to a small group of friends. This is not the case for political jokes. The jokes are widely distributed to the entire population and if you share them with a few people, then you are bound to have a good time.

Political short jokes are often shared among friends and family. Everyone will laugh at the same time and everyone will feel connected to the situation that is being depicted in the punch line. That is why they are so popular – they allow us to relax a bit and keep our mind off other things that may bother us. Sometimes we all need a good laugh and these jokes are just the right kind for that. We love to see people who laugh at other people’s misfortune and the best way to laugh at ourselves is to laugh at other people’s misfortune.

Politeness can also be a major part of enjoying any kind of joke. There is nothing like giving someone a quick compliment or even a smile when they are having a bad day. Short funny jokes can sometimes be difficult to come up with and that is where puns come in. Puns can add an extra level of comedy when they are delivered in the right situation and timing. Politeness goes a long way towards making life easier.

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