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The Best and Worst hilarious Memes

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Memes are everywhere; they are posted on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and nearly every other website known to us. Other hilarious Memes just come out of left field, seemingly from nowhere. Some of them are so hilarious that context really does not matter, and whether or not you know the originating source material is really less or more irrelevant. So how are these hilarious moe Memes used?

In a recent article on the Washington Post’s Op Ed Page, there was an interesting discussion about how some internet users use “dark side” tactics to elicit funny behaviors from others. One example of this is the popular phenomenon of “meme magic”. I will provide you with an example of this in order to illustrate the points discussed within the following paragraphs.hilarious Memes

What exactly is a “meme” (as defined in Wikipedia)? A single web-based image or video message, typically used by users to express themselves or to share amusing bits of content with friends and other users on a website. When a picture is posted on a website it becomes a “meme”, because in its basic form, a “meme” is really just a picture with words on it. What makes a hilarious image “worthy” of usage as a “meme” would be if the subject of the image, in this case, a funny photo, happens to be an important person or occurrence in pop culture at the time.

An important factor to consider when looking for hilarious memes or dark mode Memes, therefore, is what the source of the image truly desires to convey. An image that is intended to be a funny joke but conveys a message that goes against the social norm, is, ultimately, going to have the most success. There are two types of Memes – the ones you intend to share and the ones you do not intend to share. Funny or dark Mode Memes fall into the category of the type you do not intend to share. What this means for you, the user, is that the more successful your Meme is the more laughter you will get from those who are following it.

There are many different types of funny or dark mode Memes, but there are a few popular ones. The first is the “cutie Pie” style, where the subject of the image is someone who is cute or small, such as a small child or a puppy. These are popular with people who do not wish to share their photos or videos, but want to make them into a funny joke. It can also be used to poke fun at someone perceived as being very self-centered, especially if the subject of the image happens to be a celebrity.hilarious Memes

Another great example of a dark mode Meme is one that parodies the darker sides of pop culture. Many celebrities are routinely depicted as terrible, conniving bad guys in popular online Memes, even those that have actual footage of them acting this way. What makes these so-called “meme ideas” so popular stems in large part from the ability of social media to aggregate vast amounts of content from all over the internet, thereby providing an instant gateway to the “real deal.” Even the Onion has gotten in on the action, which is to say, the popular post on the site includes a clip from a movie wherein the evil character repeatedly bites off the same finger.

There are many other funny and popular Memes that make their way onto various online message boards and discussion forums throughout the internet. What makes them especially hilarious, in comparison to the cutie pie or puppy picture style Memes, is that the subject matter is generally lighthearted and silly. A good example of this is a Meme that looks like a picture of a disheveled, middle aged couple who is sitting on the edge of a cliff, with the words, “She’s too old for this hillbilly love anymore.” What the poster fails to mention is that the woman in the photo is actually 75 years old, which would make this particular funny and popular Internet Meme at least a little bit funny to those not familiar with it.

There are a multitude of different categories of funny and popular Internet Memes that can be found online. Some are classics that have been posted for years; others are relatively new to the genre. The most popular category of funny and hilarious memes tends to be ones that deal with human nature and the daily experiences of people. This means that some of the best and most popular Funny and Humorous videos are those that deal with relationships and dating, as it gives people an opportunity to show off their sense of humor to the rest of the world through the use of a camera. As the Internet continues to expand, there is no telling what the best and most popular Funny and Humorous Memes will be.

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