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How To Have A Good April Fools pranks Calls

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April Fools Day is a famous celebration of the day that has come and gone. But what is even better is the tradition of enjoying pranks around the globe. Some Good April Fools pranks calls could get a bit out of hand however, so instead of waiting until the last minute, decide to gather together 50 of your all time favorite funny, creative, and harmless April Fools’ Day pranks!Good April Fools pranks

There are a number of different types of funny pranks that can be enjoyed on April Fools’ Day, but the traditional one is the “air horn”. Often called a “bird feeder”, it’s not uncommon for a person to set off an air horn while they are sitting in a park or on a bridge. If the person “stares” at the horn, or even thinks about staring at it, someone else will likely start talking about how funny or annoying the whole thing was. The more that people hear about it, the better! This allows you to go out and do more April Fools’ Day prank calls and join in the fun even more!

One good example of a good april fools pranks call would be to call the police and let them know that a particular dog has been missing. In fact, this is just a bit of common sense, but people tend to forget when they are doing this kind of thing. The good thing about doing good April Fools’ Day prank calls like this is that the police will probably show up as well. They may even be able to catch the dog’s owner red-handed!Good April Fools pranks

Another good example of good april fools pranks would be to call your neighbors and tell them that another child has been hurt by someone trying to steal their bike. Again, this is all about being a little bit respectful. People can become a bit nosy when they feel threatened, so calling the police is a good idea. Not all police officers are going to be so understanding, though, so it is up to you to call and have the police show up for your surprise party.

There are many more examples of good april fools day pranks, but this one will give you a good place to start. These are great because you can be sure that no one will question why you called in the surprise party. Also, since no one will realize what the truth is, the entire prank will go off without a hitch. Of course, you will all wind up laughing at the same time. Then, of course, everyone will have a good time. Everyone will remember your prank for years to come.

April’s is not just about the holiday – it’s also a time of year when we are allowed to let loose and have a good laugh. You may want to try out some of the more outrageous tricks out there, but you probably want to stick to the good jokes. If you can’t think of any good april fools pranks that you can use, you can always find others on the internet. There are plenty of examples of great pranks online that you and your friends can pull on this very special day.

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