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The Rise of Gay Jokes For Guys and Girls

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When the topic of gay jokes comes up, many people are quick to come up with a list of jokes for gay men to use at their expense. They do this because they have no clue what gay jokes are all about and they’re tired of being subjected to the same jokes over again. The truth is that there are jokes for gay men that are simply not funny at all. You don’t need to be a comic to know what those jokes are. Let’s take a look at some of them now so you won’t have to keep repeating them to jokes

In the second season of Friends, Monica had a run in with a customer she’d met at a gay bar. During the confrontation, the customer called police saying he’d have to call the burn unit if Monica’s boyfriend tried to get him into trouble. The joke in this scenario is that if your boyfriend tries to get you into trouble, the burn unit will be called. This has been used so many times on television it’s become a punch line for countless sitcoms, movies, and shows. What’s sad is that it’s become a joke for so long, only that it’s beginning to lose its ability to make us laugh.

The first gay jokes for gay guys that I have ever heard made me shake my head and wince. “Is that guy any good?” says one guy during an episode of Cheers. Before the writers of the sitcom actually thought to write that dialogue, they had a gay waiter who served drinks for the male characters in the episode. The waiter would ask the characters if they were married before delivering his line; “No, I am not, but my friends are.” It didn’t get a big laugh from me, but I’m sure it got a few chuckles from others in the room.

One of the best known gay jokes for guys is the “phasing” joke. Phasing refers to a scenario where two men are lying on each other’s bed and one pulls out a watch out of his pocket and begins “phasing.” The other guy stops him and says, “My watch doesn’t phase, what kind of idiot does that?” The other guy goes on to explain that he bought the watch for himself and he just wants to return it because the woman he was sleeping with kept stealing it from him and it’s become too expensive.

Phasing is a classic example of a gay jokes for guys that has a wide appeal. But it’s also a cautionary tale about buying into the “in your face” persona that some guys like to put forth. It also highlights a point that many people overlook: that a relationship can turn sour quickly and it’s important to realize when you’ve let yourself get out of control. In addition, some people feel threatened by others simply because they disagree with them or think differently about a situation.

Other examples of gay jokes for guys that work well on the executive producers’ couch include jokes about how breasts milk can make you “hard.” A deleted scene from an episode focused on how a character felt like his chest was too large and began to worry that he might be a little overweight. After telling the joke, a

nother character said that if it worked, he’d give him breast implants. When the writers told the story to an audience at a later episode, everyone laughed. Executive producers Johnolic and Aaron Ginsberg admit that they don’t always write jokes that can be suitable for a family audience but they hope that the joke will get some laughs from an adult audience as well.

Another example of a gay jokes for guys that has a wide appeal is about a man having sex with his dog. This story from the Onion has a twist: he has to get his dog to go back to him if he ever wants to get his ex-girlfriend back. In the past, an entire episode focused on what a man did to make his dog afraid of him again after the two broke up. In the recent version of the story, the man gets his ex-girlfriend to let him come over so he can “work on” the relationship. Some of the same writers are responsible for this one because they thought it would be funny if the storyline involved the dog.

The writer who suggested that the joke about an old man sleeping with his dog might one day lead to a storyline about a gay man having sex with his male partner’s dog made quite a splash among the gay community. Writers like Paula Hermanny and Jennifer Lopez chimed in on Twitter to support the writer. People even called in to tell the world that they would watch the gay sitcom New Girl, which features an all-female cast. It seems like there is no end in sight for this trend of making fun of Gays in the most creative and funny ways possible.

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