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Funny Stuff – Is There Really Such a Thing?

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Humour or comedy is the tendency of funny experiences to elicit humor and give pleasure. Humor can be derived from Latin origins, the word meaning “mirth”. Humour is associated with the cheerfulness and genuineness of people. The word humor is derived from the Greek word for cheerfulness, which also means “smile”. The word humor is used to denote happiness, cheerfulness, and genuineness. Humour can be found in everything we encounter, in all walks of life, and is especially valued in today’s more materialistic society, where it is considered to be a positive force that lifts the mood and prevents depression.

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What really funny stuff is truly funny can be difficult to define, since all forms of communication are subjective. We can talk about serious stuff, but if we do not specify what type of humor is funny, it is very vague. To make it easier to talk about funny stuff, we can narrow down the definition of funny to two elements, namely: what the subject is not able to portray and the way in which the humor is expressed. It is easier to understand funny stuff if you associate it with a particular character or emotion. A simple example could be the following:

If I were to say to you that a toothache was funny, you would immediately think of a toothache, right? Similarly, when I say that faith healing is funny, you could immediately think of faith healing, Christ, or some divine intervention. In this way, I am trying to define funny stuff as something that is related to feelings and emotions, in this case, the subjective experience of faith healing. Another aspect of funny stuff is an exaggeration. When I say that a toothache is really funny, I do not mean that the sight of a toothache can be funny (since there are many things that are not funny).

funny stuff
I would want you to remember, that humor can often have double meanings. So, while it might be true that some subjects are funny because they are funny, the same cannot be said for others. Take, for instance, child jokes. Some might find child jokes as funny, while others would see them as disturbing and upsetting the recipient.
It is important to note that funny stuff is a subjective matter and that some subjects are funny due to their own point of view. If the joke-making person believes that the joke is really funny, it does not mean that the rest of us who do not share the same point of view would find the joke unappealing. The same principle applies to religion, politics, and sexual themes as well.

I believe that learning about the various types of funny stuff is important. Without knowing this, one could be easily swayed towards the realm of disturbing and offensive. This, needless to say, defeats the whole purpose. We need to come to terms with the fact that there is indeed funny stuff in the world, and that we need not make it our business to choose the stuff that is funny over the stuff that is not funny at all. In other words, we need to realize that there is a fine line between offended and offending.

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