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The best way to lighten up a dull evening is with funny stories. The ability to make people laugh has always been a natural part of human psychology. Humor helps eliminate negative feelings and it provides an escape from the cares of the day. When you have a few funny stories to share with friends and family, you can enjoy a good laugh without worrying about the content.

funny stories

Some of the top 20 most funny stories ever told are related to food. From the king of oddities, popcorn poppers, to the sweet and sassy popcorn bag, you will never be at a loss for food stories. Some of the top 20 funniest stories include the popcorn-induced orgasm, the worst Halloween ever, and the fish story. There are so many to choose from that you should not have any problems coming up with a few favorites.

If you want to keep the party alive, short funny travel stories are a great idea. These stories tend to be lighter versions of the gory tales that you would hear at a horror movie. You could tell a few short travel stories that will leave everyone in awe. Make sure that you share these with your guests ahead of time so that they know what they are getting into before they go.

Bob Marley is known for his raucous band concerts, but did you know that the singer had a few short funny stories to share? Many fans have told incredible stories of their interactions with the lead vocalist. You might hear them telling how he once lost his voice because he was too hot and bothered his audience. They may also talk about how he felt like his guitar playing was not very important when he got into the penthouse for his concerts.

A short funny story about Marley is great if you are planning a road trip with your family. This is a perfect time to get out of the house and see the world while listening to one of your favorite songs. It is also a good idea to include songs from your own collection. Imagine your children singing along as they travel down the highway or around the city in your custom tour bus.

The top 20 list is filled with some of the best-known funny stories. Many people enjoy telling their own funny stories that have happened on vacation while staying at a hotel or while driving down the road. It is also fun to share these stories with others who might be traveling in the same situation. If you do not have many funny stories to share, you can find funny stories on the internet that will make for great vacation stories to share with your friends.

funny stories

The top 20 funniest stories will always be present, no matter where you go. The funny stories that you hear from friends and family are the ones that always bring a smile to your face. You will feel as though you have found a way to make someone laugh when you listen to them tell their funny stories. These are the kinds of stories that will stay with you for years to come. When you start to read funny stories, you will find that the ones you have already read and enjoyed are the funniest.

Some of the other funny stories include things like: getting the windows of your car replaced because of the loud noises, spotting deer on a road trip, driving through a strip mall looking for something to eat after stopping for gas, finding a bunny on a road trip, getting lost in a large city, meeting a stranger on the street, having your windows cracked by the mailman, getting a flat tire, meeting your new boyfriend or girlfriend in a strange town, falling asleep in a hot tub on a road trip, having a flat tire, and driving through a strip club. Any of these are great stories to bring home and tell to your loved ones. You may even want to tell your children about some of the crazy adventures you have been through when you were away on vacation or on a road trip. They will love all of the funny things that happen to you while traveling on the road.

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