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Funny Song List – Part II

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Being funny is easy sometimes. Making a catchy funny song is a different story. It is easy to put funny lyrics to a tune and call it funny but it is a lot harder to create a fun piece of music that is also, let’s face it, a great funny song. But you don’t have to be a lyricist or a musician to make a funny song as long as you know how to play an instrument well.

One funny song off the top of my head was by The Doobie Brothers (with their hit “Reelin’ in the Years”): “Reelin’ in the Years (Reprise)”. This is a great track and makes me wish I was still young and rocking out to this song when I am older. This was back in the late ’70s. Now, with all of my technology, I can listen to this song from the start, when I was a teenager. Of course now all I have to do is remember the lyrics to that particular song and I can hum along. The Doobie Brothers are back on top again with their latest album “The Perfect Circle: Live in the Moment”, due out in April.

A lesser known but still great artist of the uk is Robert Sibley. Starting out in 1996 he went to school in America (some irony there) and studied classical music with John Cale. After that he went into the acoustic guitar and folk music genres, playing with such artists as Davy Graham, Roger Daltrey and Nick Cave among others. And now he has released an album of new and unheard-of music called “Thanks”.

Another great artist of the uk, often overlooked, is Peter Hook. He has just released an album called “Songs for Christmas”. The title says it all; there are no tunes included in this collection but it is a nice collection nonetheless. Not only does he have Christmas classics but september classics too like “Silent Night” and “Goodnight, Love Tonight”.funny song

In tune with our thinking, some time ago an Australian singer named Paul Connors passed away. His fans in Australia made a video about his death and included a song by Anonymous. The song was entitled “One Day We’ll See”, which sounds like a pretty good song about dying. So if you listen closely you’ll hear the Anonymous lyrics in their own words. It is a beautiful song and has lyrics that can melt your heart away. The video can be found on youtube and you can hear the song yourself, if you want to.

Finally, we close out our list with a very sentimental song by none other than our nation’s most decorated President, George Washington. In his last address before he left office he referred to Sam Hanks as “my boy”, then his last gesture to the American people was to give one of his cuff links to a blind man, so this little song by Bobby Baretti is fitting for our President in that it is a touching tribute to our greatest leader. The song is: “That’s What You Get” from Take Me Out To The Park. You can also check out the video for this song on YouTube. So there you have it, our favorite funny songs written by our most beloved celebrities.

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