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Where to Find funny racist jokes on the Internet

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Are you looking for funny racist jokes? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. Racism is funny, right? Why would you be looking for funny jokes about race?

The truth is, it’s not that hard to find some funny racist jokes. Racism is pretty much universal, so pretty much any kind of person can use it as a way to be funny, and it’s usually funny. Unfortunately, many of the jokes that you hear at clubs or at other public gatherings aren’t that great, so I’m going to show you how to get a few.

Let’s start with white people. I’m going to assume for the sake of argument that you know what a white person looks like. If you don’t, you’re probably going to be pretty surprised. Most white men are bald, pale, and usually carry a pocket full of cash. That’s the usual stereotype of a “real” white person, so now we need some funny racist jokes about Asian Americans.

funny racist jokes

It’s actually surprisingly easy to find a bunch of funny racist jokes about Asians if you just look for them online. What do you typically find when you do a search? A bunch of links to websites that have nothing but screenshots from YouTube. Well, that’s not exactly the best approach. It doesn’t show you exactly how many websites have these jokes available, which is important, and it doesn’t give you a clue as to where to find them.

The only real way to find an actual website filled with nothing but fun stuff about Asian people is to use a “satirical” site. What does this mean? It means that you go to a site that’s dedicated to providing access to some of the funniest jokes and funny anecdotes about Asian Americans. Sites like these tend to be somewhat PC, so you won’t expect anything that’s racist or hateful – rather, you’ll be able to access some great jokes.

But where can you find these funny stories about Asian people? You can try searching Google. Searching “racially offensive Asian jokes” will bring up quite a few results. However, these stories are all from internet comedians looking to get noticed. They have to know there are plenty of decent white people who like to share jokes about Asian people because it will help them break into the audience.funny racist jokes

One site that you might find a lot of useful Asian American racist jokes is 4chan. The site has become infamous over the past decade for making controversial and sometimes upsetting jokes. This probably isn’t what you were expecting, but if you open up the site and do a quick search, you might find a bunch of new funny stuff about Asian Americans. If you aren’t familiar with this site or how it works, you can just leave right then and there. You won’t need to worry about any hidden content or adult content, because this is very adult-oriented. The only reason you’ll find this kind of funny stuff on 4chan is that members love to share funny stories about their lives.

So the next time you need a good laugh, try some of the new fun things on the internet. There is no shortage of places that you can go to find funny things about Asians and especially Asian Americans. You can always rely on a quick search engine search to pull up a list of your favorite websites and then just sit and read through them. You’re sure to pull up plenty of new and funny stories. Just make sure you’re not doing something illegal or anything of the like.

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