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April Fools Day – funny pranks Phone Calls

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Everyone likes to think of ways to make life easier, whether it is through practical jokes or funny pranks. The fact of the matter is that there are many ways to go about prank calls, but you need to be careful which ones you choose to make sure they do not offend anyone in particular. Here are some of the types of funny pranks you can choose from:funny pranks

Shower jokes are quite a popular type of funny pranks to perform. The first type of joke that comes to most people’s minds when they consider shower pranks is of course the cheese grater pranks. You simply decide to place ketchup cans near the shower area and then wait for the guests to arrive. As soon as they arrive, you pull out a can of ketchup and squirt them with it. Usually, this type of prank gets a lot of laughs from the shower guests, but there are those who find it cruel and ungentle.

Other funny pranks call that is quite funny is the April fools prank call. This prank involves selecting three or four people who you believe have no one else that day to call, then once you have them in the shower, telling them that there is someone in the pool who has been calling them all day and that it is someone named Ralph, which is a reference to the comedian Ralph Macaulay. Usually, this prank goes on until the wee hours of the morning, but the results can be hilarious.funny pranks

One of the most amusing types of funny pranks calls is the ones where the participants end up looking like animals. For example, if you select some members of a pool team to look like penguins, they will all have nail polish applied to their nails. Then as they are walking to the edge of the pool, the next person will look like a walrus. And so on.

The list of funny pranks is seemingly endless. Of course, there is also the category of obscene pranks and the like, but we will look at just one more type of funny prank. It is called the “people’s guinea pig,” and it is probably the most classic funny prank. Basically, the person on the receiving end of this prank calls the person who does the prank to complain about the people’s “guinea pig.” Sometimes the person on the receiving end of the guinea pig pranks line will say something like “You really like these people, you should have some of them for yourself!”

In addition to the April fools prank, the water balloon prank is one of the most popular funny pranks. In this prank, two or more people are tied to ropes just above an uninhabited lake, and the “porker” (whoever it is) releases a large balloon from the rope at them. The “porker” will then call out to people on the shore, telling them that they need to get into the water to get a hold of the balloon. It may sound silly, but it is an all-time classic. If you are looking for a perfect, hilarious, and funny prank, I would have to say the guinea pig prank is it!

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