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Using Social Media For Sharing funny post And comments

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Humorous Internet users love to share funny posts with others and the web is filled with excellent examples of this. There are many places online that have an endless supply of quick and funny reactions, from photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa to online forums and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. Memes have a special place in the world of online interaction and the ability to share comical or humorous reactions with hundreds of millions of people online.funny post

One of the reasons that people use these types of sites is to have some quick reactions when they see something funny. For example, when someone sees a picture of Barack Obama with John F. Kennedy in the background they will likely share a funny post with friends. These same people then can re-write or modify the original post with sarcastic reactions, observations and witty comments making it their own. They then pass the link on to others who will repost the post and so on. This viral process continues in viral fashion and before anyone knows it a well-liked post has gone viral and is being shared around the World Wide Web by hundreds of thousands of users.

When a funny post is passed around like this, it is quickly picked up by other individuals on the Internet and then shared by them with their friends. What this means is that you have a huge group of folks having a laugh together and sharing their reactions. The Internet is actually a great place to network and meet others with common interests. If one thing runs out, then someone else could just come up with another funny post or funny Facebook status update. That’s what’s so cool about the Internet.

Another way that funny comments can spread on the Internet is by re-twitting. You may have seen the term re-tweeted used before but you aren’t sure what the term means. Basically, when you tweet someone a funny post, you make a small announcement to everyone that happens to be following you on Twitter. You then include a link to your funny post or funny comments and within that you include a brief bio that explains who you are and what your opinions are about the funny post. This is a great way to get your funny comments out there and onto other peoples’ walls.funny post

Another great way to use social media for sharing your funny comments and posts is by using photo comments. This works great with Twitter because you can actually upload several different picture comments along with your funny comments. Uploading several photos on your Twitter profile can be a bit time-consuming so it’s best to upload several photos at once. Then all you have to do is let the world know that you have added more photos. Once you have a nice number of photos to share, then you can start setting up groups and telling people to join the group or just send them a private message to share the photo comments with them directly.

As I mentioned above, one thing to remember is that as you’re using funny Facebook status and funny post in social media to promote yourself and/or your business, don’t use any profanity or bad language. Also, don’t be rude in your status messages or post. The reason being is that these types of things will turn people off. Remember that in order for you to get started and start promoting your business, you need to set up some sort of group. One last thing that you’ll want to do is to join a few of the popular networking sites and start building your network. The more people you have in your network, the better chance you have of finding success with your funny Facebook status and funny post(s).

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