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Funny poetry is actually a unique style of verse in it’s own right, separate from all the other kinds of less serious verse. A funny style of verse is frequently described as a genre (hn-zair-ee) or a sub-genre (zair-ee). Other such genres, or types, of verse may be humorous, surreal, or downright nonsensical. The funny poems of Don Marquis come to mind. Marquis was an American humorist who wrote for many magazines, including “People” magazine.

What forms of funny poetry have we here at last? We have the likes of George Guidestone’s humorous verse, Oscar Wilde’s outrageous claims, and the great Sam Ransome. All these have been produced in England, but what about the literary side of things? How did funny poetry reach the stage in which it now exists?

Funny poems have often been produced in response to other funny poems. There are several common characteristics of funny poetry that can be seen throughout history. One would be the obvious. Funny poems take their subjects quite seriously-usually far too seriously-and they present their ideas in very serious and powerful tones. In contrast, most other funny poems present lighter tones and allow for the use of irony.

Another common feature of funny poetry is the usage of seemingly infinite repetition of words. The repetition is not a sign of a lazy writer, but rather an expression of the writer’s creativity. Consider the famous lines from Shakespeare’s Sonnets: “Rome was not built in a day, Venus herself. And if I were a Poem, I should not find it in a rhyme.”

Other famous funny poems by Shakespeare include Venus and Adonis, Which Pardon Was Pretty, and King John. While all of these are funny in their own way, one of the most famous is probably Othello. Written as a play, Othello is a wonderful example of funny poetry. The play itself contains many funny lines, but one of the best is the quote by Desdemona: “I knew you were a pretty man, desdemona!”


In recent years, some of the greatest poetic forms of all time have come from non-English speaking countries. One of the most notable poems from India is called Ram Laxman. Ram Laxman is an incredible example of Indian funny poetry. The poem is called Brihat Vaidya, and is spoken in English. However, the reader can make out enough of the language to realize that it is not in English.

Nigerian comedian and singer-songwriter Chikane delivered some of the best funny poems ever in his hit song, “Rakshabandhan.” The lines speak in a language that anyone could understand, but at the same time be amazed by the ingenuity and quality of the poetry. The lines begin with an innocent question: “How old is your mother?” And then a couple of years later, he answers: “She’s about forty.”

In addition to the above, there are many other funny poems in different languages that have been written for many decades, but are now being published because they are available to native speakers of those languages. For example, the British author Rudyard Kipling wrote an amazing funny poem, “The Only Way Is Essex.” This was created just a few years before the start of the first World War. Today, the poem is a modern day classic, and you will likely recognize some of the words used by Kipling.

Poets all over the world have been writing funny poetry for centuries. Some of this poetry has appeared in print while others have not. One thing is for certain, however: Many people who enjoy reading poetry love to read funny poetry. If you want to learn more about funny poetry, all you need to do is visit one of the websites on the internet that offer such poetry.

It would probably be best to pick a certain period of time when funny poetry appears. The eighties is a great time to find funny lines and poems, as the culture started to change and teenagers found themselves going from one stage of fashion to another. However, there have been many other periods throughout the years when funny poetry was popular. For example, in ancient times, ancient Greek and Roman poetry contained many funny lines and poems. The ancient Chinese also had a form of funny poetry.

If you are looking for a humorous poem that will make everyone smile, then try reading one of the many funny poems that are now available on the internet. These poems are usually very short, but they will still make anyone laugh. When you pick one of these funny poems to read, you might feel as if the words themselves have gone on too long. This can happen because some people write funny poetry to get a reaction out of people, which is true of any type of poetry. The beauty of funny poetry is that it only takes a few minutes to read.

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