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Looking for funny pick up lines? They can be found in just about any niche of dating. Dating is fun, but sometimes it can feel like a hit or miss. It’s important that you have the right attitude, you’ve got to dress the part and of course deliver the pickup line!

funny pick up lines

So, whether you’re searching for cute funny pick up lines to tell a woman you’re interested in her or just want some really cheesy pickup lines to text a man you’re into, these 101 great funny pick up lines will get you right into the heart of the lady you’re after. There are so many things to say in order to make a great first impression! From the time you decide to meet someone new all the way through to the time you finally kiss them good night, you’ve got to make sure you’re taking notes. Below are just some of the things you should be saying when meeting someone new:

– Crispy Golden Retriever: Imagine how much she would laugh if you said something like, “My name is Wi-Fi, and I’m a Golden Retriever.” The best part is that you’re telling it to her right on the spot. If she doesn’t know one wi-fi, she has to ask you where you learned to mooch off of her computer. These are some of my favorite funny pick up lines for girls that include dogs.

– Smell You Like A Mountain Goat: When someone likes you, they never want to leave you alone. You can definitely add some more comedy here by saying, “You make me inhale, breathe you in and breathe you out, just like a mountain goat.” What better way to let someone know that they are definitely on your “B” list than with something so original and yet so incredibly smelly? Everyone loves a goat. The best part about these funny pick up lines for girls is that you can use this in literally any situation.

– My Ex-Girlfriend Will Smell If You Kiss Me: The easiest way to give someone the power feeling is by kissing them. This also goes well when picking up women because you can make anyone smell like fresh roses if you want. This is also a great pick-up lines for girls that you think have a sweet tooth. When someone smells your breath, they always end up melting in their little girl’s face.

– Cheese-Flavored Roll-Ups: Here’s another great funny pick up lines for girls that you will find absolutely hilarious. However, when making these types of lines for women, be sure to use some bread or other cheesy foodstuff instead of something more substantial. Be sure not to overdo it though or the person might get offended and throw you out. Also, be careful of crossing the line with cheesy lines as well. Too many cheese-flavored roll-ups or other cheesy foods might seem like a good idea at first, but they can quickly turn into an annoying problem.

funny pick up lines

– Clever Pick-Ups: Everyone knows that everyone likes a good pick up line. However, it’s important to make sure that you aren’t being offensive. Many people make the mistake of using pick up lines that are too clever for what they are. It’s important to never be too clever or you might come across as a big dumb. A good pick up line is always one that is just right.

Overall, these lines are a great way to lighten the mood and get a person’s attention. Be sure to use these in moderation though as they can quickly get you thrown out of a party or possibly even turned off from someone you were trying to impress. Keep in mind, just because a person finds you funny, doesn’t mean they will like you. Be subtle and you should have no trouble attracting the right person to you.

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