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People from all walks of life can’t avoid laughing at funny moments. Humor has been the glue that keeps mankind together, no matter what and it is indeed a wonderful commodity. A study in recent years has indicated that men get more humor from nature than women do, so the funny moments tend to be aimed more at the guys. But what makes a funny moment?funny moments

In the latest blockbuster movie “A millionaire’s quest” starring Robin Williams and Cate Blanchett, Arlen Bales (Robin Williams) is a bald, forty-something-year-old man who seems to have lost his sense of humor. The movie is about his search for the greatest pastime and pursuit of a goal which is to become the richest man in America. But funny moments occur when he realizes he is rich and when he realizes how self-aware he is of his wealth. He goes to see George Clooney (Cate Blanchett) at a charity ball for the blind and he realizes the true colors of the men who are lining up to give money to him.

Another funny moment in the movie comes right after Arlen Bales realizes how self-aware he is when he goes to buy the car he wants. One of the men helping him with his money issues asks him what he is looking for. And with that self-awareness, he starts telling George Clooney (Cate Blanchett), the guy he is going to give the money to, about his desire for a used car and that the best place to find them is the local Ford dealership. It is this passage of thought that makes the movie arise from the mire of every day and present to something more profound.funny moments

The third and final funny moment happens when the car is parked close to the Poodle (Auntie Macmillan) driving the other way. Suddenly the Poodle notices the bumper stickers that have a saying on the – “My last name is Poodle”. She then asks where George and Arlen are going and George says they are just going to buy a Poodle. Does Auntie Poodle then say why not just buy a Poodle and drive off in it? George realizes he has not been thinking about all the Poodle names and decides to go up to the woman he is buying the dog from and ask her if she would like to go outside to see a Poodle.

The movie ends with a shot of George and Auntie Poodle riding off into the sunset. The ending of this film brings to a close the story of King George and his relationship with the British nobility. The movie ends with George as the leader of a small country trying to maintain the balance of power in Britain. He realizes he must turn to someone who is actually in the royal blood and can challenge him for the throne. He realizes that he must choose between Prince Philip (Rory Mcipal) and Princess Diana ( Helena Bonham Carter). During the credits, you can hear the familiar strains of “The Queen” and “The Prince of Wales”

The movie “Auntie Park” is a wonderful little movie that will keep children of all ages entertained. It tells the story of a royal family trying to stay afloat during World War II. It is a fun film that is guaranteed to make you laugh, so enjoy! It’s rated for parents but is actually one of the better war-action movies from the year.

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