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funny knock knock jokes and Voodoo Dolls – Will They Help You Get Through Christmas Eve?

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Funny knock-off jokes are fast becoming one of the most popular forms of humor on the internet. There are many websites dedicated to funny knock-off jokes, and for a great many people they are the best form of entertainment around. But there are people out there who seem to find them a little bit offensive. For these people, there is an alternative form of entertainment: online stand-up comedy clubs.

The first place you should look to see if you can find funny knock knock jokes is the website called “The Annoying Pants Guy”. This is a website that has a whole collection of funny knock-off jokes, delivered in the funniest way possible. There are some stand-up comics who swear by using these types of jokes, but if you haven’t had much experience with them they can seem a little too advanced for your taste. On the other hand, if you happen to be looking for something a bit more tried and true, then you might want to give the stand-up comics a try.funny knock knock jokes

One of the funniest things the website has is called “Voodoo Trumpets”. If you’re familiar with this type of humor you will recognize some of the jokes here. They’re just a little more tongue in cheek than the typical voodoo nonsense that you’ll find at most of these type of sites.

“Voodoo Trumpets” includes some of the best fake-voodoo jokes you’ll hear anywhere. There are some very comical jokes about casting spells on unsuspecting people. And there’s even a brief spell to “OCCE – Off with Your Head!”

Another stand up comedy group that includes this kind of humor is the “Levee Kids”. On their website you’ll find several jokes about the popular game show Deal or No Deal. Many of the voodoo jokes involve using numbers from one through twenty, but they also cover everything in between. For instance, if someone offers you a deal, you might hear, “If you can say three yes’s, you can say four no’s.” That’s just one example of all the different kinds of deals and negates you’ll hear.funny knock knock jokes

Another group you may find on the net is called Nodwick. This group is all about funny knock knock jokes and the absurd side of life. One of their latest videos involves a man who blows up an ice cream van with a blow tube. The van actually collapses and burns to the ground. It takes quite a few minutes to collapse the van into a pile of rubble, but the joke isn’t over until you hear the man say, “You know what, I’m not just blowing up ice cream vans, I’m blowing up lives!”

If you’re looking for voodoo jokes and how to tell other people, then these two groups are both great sources to check out. If you have an inner critic that you want to get rid of, you can use these two communities to let your inner critic out and be free. You may even see a new career in it, depending on what kind of critic you have.

There are many other Christmas jokes and holiday jokes that will help you get through the tough times this year. So instead of being stuck inside on Christmas eve, why not get out and have some fun? Visit one of the sites mentioned above and check out some of the best knock-knock jokes and voodoo dolls. Who knows, you just might find your favorite joke that will make you cry this holiday season. It’s true, that there is a witch, a fairy, and a voodoo doll that will help you get through the entire season without any negativity.

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