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Using Funny Jokes For Adults to Keep Your Sex Life Going Strong

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There are many funny jokes for adults that can lighten up a tense situation. You might be sitting at your cubicle waiting for your boss to get home from work when the thought pops into your head, “instead of going home I might go bowling.” What better way to relieve stress than with some funny jokes for adults? Here are some funny jokes for adults you can use even with the most anxious of partners.

funny jokes for adults

Humorous writing can be therapeutic: Writing is therapeutic when you are done with it. What’s more, making love is also therapeutic. What’s the difference between making love and shooting pool? A bowling ball. Funny jokes for adults about your girlfriend can bring the two of you some much-needed laughter.

If you have an attractive woman on your arm you can tell her about how she looks like: Her name is Kaylee, she is petite with big breasts, she wears a push-up bra like a sexy Muse, and you don’t know how you paid for that dress but it was worth it because she is sooo sexy. What’s a good way to make Kaylee laugh is with some funny jokes for adults about her push-up bra. Kaylee will love how you made the puns in advance. What’s even better is that you got her name and address too.

One of the best ways to keep Kaylee laughing when you’re making love to her is by telling her that one day she’ll get a big surprise. Like what? You betcha, your girlfriend’s name and address. When you mention this to Kaylee she gets so excited and she moans loud enough to drive you crazy…but don’t worry; making love isn’t all that bad if your intention is just to please Kaylee.

Another great way to keep Kaylee happy during your sexual adventures is to keep her coming back for more. Keep her coming back for more dirty jokes for adults about her. One day she might call you and tell you about her dream of being with you in bed for 12 hours later. You may want to remind her about this dream while you’re making love, so tell her. Keep in mind that she’ll probably get very angry at the idea of you making love to her once again, so prepare her by telling her that you have to go out, then promise her that you’ll be back tomorrow with more hot, steamy adult jokes for adults about sex.

Another great way to keep Kaylee smiling when you two are making love is to tell her jokes during sex. This is actually a great time to start using open-ended jokes because she will already feel that you’re trying to make her laugh. In addition to keeping her in good humor, these jokes can help to loosen her up before the two of you engage in sex. When you keep her prepared and focused with some funny jokes for adults, she will find it much easier to let loose once you do start making love to her.

funny jokes for adults

Another great way to keep your sex life going strong is to use funny jokes for adults as often as possible. Not only will this keep you and your partner happy, but it will keep your friends laughing as well. If you and your friends are constantly having a good time, they will likely bring you up to talk about funny adult jokes for adults in the future. This is just one way to make sure that you and your partner stay on track.

The fact is that funny jokes for adults can do many things for your relationship. If you have a girlfriend, giving her some funny adult jokes for adults can help you lighten the mood between the two of you. If you have a wife or girlfriend, giving her a few will help to relax her and make her feel more relaxed in bed as well. Even if you just want to keep her comfortable in general, a few funny jokes for adults can help you do that. Keep this in mind the next time you and your girlfriend or wife are having a conversation, especially if you are both stressed out and ready for a night out.

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