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funny insults Can Be a Good Comeback

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If you’re trying to make a friend in school one of the best ways is to find out how they actually feel about certain things, especially if you can come up with funny insults that relate to them. This can be done in a few different ways. Above are a few popular funny insults to toss at your enemies and friends. Enjoy! These will get you started in showing the right respect for those you disagree with.funny insults

Jokes are a good way to start; some people like to make jokes when in a heated situation, but this can lead to bigger problems as well. If your getting ready to argue with someone then using jokes is not the best way to go because you could be seen as attacking them in a negative way. Instead, read these suggestions next:

“You’re so stupid in the first place!” This is one of the most commonly heard funny insults for someone who is really mean and stubborn. You can use it to call someone a jerk, but only if they have done something that you don’t approve of. It’s also OK to call someone an idiot if they have done something stupid like calling the school nurse an idiot. This is a much better choice than calling someone an ugly pig.funny insults

“You’re just an idiot” This is a good choice for when you know you want to come back at someone after being called by them. The problem with calling someone an idiot is that it will make them mad and they will not want to talk to you anymore. If you come back at them with this it will get them mad but they might offer you good comebacks. Just make sure not to start insulting them again as it might come back and get you in trouble.

“I’d like to slice my finger to make it point more.” Everyone knows that this is a good way to insult someone. When you hear someone say this it will make them look like something big and fat and they will be very mad about it. It will probably come back to you as a good comeback.

There are many other ways to use funny insults on someone. One of the best ways to use this is when you are in a heated argument with someone and you really want to hurt them. Say this to them when you are in the middle of a fight and they don’t deserve it. When you do this make sure not to take it too far and insult them some more. Just use this when you are frustrated and want to anger someone and get back at them.

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