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There are funny inspirational quotes around us all the time. Inspirational quotes have always been inscribed in the mind and hearts of people who appreciate the meaning they convey. Some of these are funny, others are sad and some might even be sarcastic. But, none of them can ever be taken for granted as they are all here to help us. Here are a few examples of funny inspirational quotes that you can use to boost your life and the lives of others.funny inspirational quotes

” Winners take notes, losers read them.” This is one of the most famous funny inspirational quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It starts off by saying that winners note everything, losers just listen. Emerson goes on to say that in order to be a winner it is not enough to have hard work; you also have to have a beautiful vision and to have a great set of beliefs.

“My mother told me that people are always looking for signs but the only person that finds the sign is the person that looks for it.” This is another one of the most famous funny inspirational quotes by Jennifer Anne Leiber. The quote was made popular by the movie, March of the Stone Woman. This quote has been quoted by many individuals since it was first said by Jennifer. The quote basically says that if you want something bad enough you will find someone else who will have the ability to make you happy.

“The difference between the winners and the losers is nothing more than what you do with what you have.” This famous quote by Robert Frost was originally intended to advise readers to look at the big picture. However, it was later used by American author Mark Twain to describe the difference between winners and losers in life. Mark Twain often refers to this quote in his books, and it can be found in almost every single one of his published works.

“I sometimes think that winners look back and they don’t see the opportunities that they could have seized” This quote by William James was originally written as a letter that was written to a lady called Mrs. Wise. In the letter James was criticizing her for never taking advantage of opportunities that could have helped her to get ahead. The famous writer again uses the quote when he talks about how people sometimes look back and they fail to see the opportunities that could have helped them to become a success. Every time William James writes a new book about psychology or any other subject he includes the quote above in it to demonstrate how people should not dwell on past mistakes but look forward to the opportunities that could have been missed out on.funny inspirational quotes

“Seasick slave or not, you must labor for your dreams”. This famous quote by Henry David Thoreau highlights the importance of working diligently and making sure that you are working smart not just hard. When you are trying to make it big and all of a sudden you find yourself being lazy, it can be very difficult to achieve success. Working diligently for your dreams may eventually get you to that place where others look upon you with envy because you have succeeded. Some people might even tell you that the path to happiness is finding the most amount of happiness possible.

“If you love what you do, the world will let you do anything.” This famous quote by Isaac Asimov is a quote that has motivated humanity for generations. When people are highly passionate about what they do they will push themselves to the limits in an attempt to achieve it. Unfortunately along the way they might get so far that they actually hurt themselves because they did not use enough energy or they did not use enough skill. The solution to this problem is to live long enough to realize that what you love will enable you to live long enough.

“A man’s got to do what he’s got to do.” This famous quote by Woody Allen is one of the best and most inspirational of all the funny inspirational quotes available. When someone is highly passionate about something they often take notice of everything around them because their focus is so broad. If you can find the passion in your life and channel that towards your goals you will be well on your way to achieving any goal that you set yourself.

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