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Funny comics or funny strips are very popular among people of all ages and demographics. The proliferation of online websites that feature this genre of funny things has made it a multi-million dollar industry. Comic strips are usually published in newspapers or magazines. The most famous ones are the ones that feature Superman, Bobblehead, Looney Tunes, and the Saturday Night Live cast. Most comic strips were created for the entertainment of the masses. They entertain, inform, and sometimes teach people about the daily events happening in the world.funny comics

From the olden times up to the present funny comics have been an intrinsic part of American culture. There was a time when every newspaper and magazine included some kind of funny strip in its pages. Even the pulps used to include a few funny strips in their weeklies. These funny comics or funny strips promoted and criticized government policies and events. They also provided entertainment for the masses by poking fun at their foibles and their love for titillating titillation.

The evolution of funny strips from the pulps to the Comics Code was a gradual process. First there were jokes that were mere insults aimed at an individual character. The difference between the now published gag comics and the strips from the pulps was the inclusion of witty commentary. The first comic books printed funny things without any discernible path or message. However, as the publishers tried to tighten the screws, the humor became more sophisticated.

There are many examples of comic strips that started life as a simple joke. A quick look back into the history of print media will reveal the emergence of Mickey Mouse, Peanuts, and Garfield as some of the most popular cartoon characters. These early funny strips used a free style of humor that were geared more for the pulp magazine audience. Over the years, comics evolved into a form of mass entertainment that would be printed in single strips and presented in a sequential order.funny comics

One of the most notable presences within the history of comics is the work of William Gaines. In the early 1940s, Gaines published “Tom, Dick and Harry Go to White Castle” as a follow up to the popular “Doonesbury” comic strip. In this strip, Gaines lampooned white house guests who visited the White Castle with their families. In modern times this comic would not seem very funny; however, it did bring attention to the “housewives” that went to the dinner. As women began to see the funny side of the “boys” they began to appreciate the comic’s ability to make them feel funny and included them in the laughter.

When contemporary stand-up comics began to appear on television and the Saturday Night Live show, the entire concept of creating funny material took a radical turn. Instead of being the exclusive domain of young adults, comics of all ages became increasingly popular among the general population. Gag strips, which made light of religious and political topics were especially popular. Even “The Simpsons” featured jokes about religion in an episode that had nothing to do with the characters themselves. Today people of all ages appreciate funny and witty comedy and everyday conversation.

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