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Funny Cat Names For Your Pets

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When it comes to funny cat names, the options are pretty wide and many. Names for cats have evolved over the years and some of the names are still very funny today. It’s funny how names are chosen by humans and then transferred into a feline counterpart. Names are chosen from a variety of sources. Some are cultural, some are given by the owner, while others are given by the cat (sometimes unconsciously).

funny cat names

Names for cats need to describe their physical appearances, habits, and even their personalities. If your kitty frequently blunders into tricky situations, she more than deserves a funny name that describes that behavior. If she emits a funny meow, attempt to come up with a name that properly describes the sound.

If you have a female feline that shows aggression toward humans, you might consider a name indicative of aggression. Such funny cat names could be Fluffy, Peppermint, or even Pussy. On the other hand, if you have a male feline with a penchant for chasing smaller animals, you can get him a female name to fit that personality. You might call him Scatty or Speedy. A female cat that is often territorial can call herself Twilight or Glitter. If you have a male who likes to mark his territory with loud barking, you might consider Fluffy.funny cat names

Some funny cat names come from the owner’s own personal experiences with the animal. For example, if your feline friend has a particularly destructive personality, maybe you should call her Tabby. Tabby is short for Tabbi, which is the Jewish name for cats. Although she may not like you to know it, Tabby does have a destructive tendency, and you probably would not want to have a pet that does!

Another example of a funny cat name comes from the famous book and movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. In this movie, the Grinch is played by Jim Carrey. He goes by the name of Grinchy and is well known around children’s places as the neighborhood bully. To make matters worse, he ends up stealing all the boxes of candy that Santa Claus brings each year. To top it off, he wears a red suit all year long.

When choosing funny cat names for your pets, be sure that they have your approval. If you have an outdoor cat, you may not want to use the word “bat” in their name because they may seek out their outdoor cats when they are gone. Similarly, if you have cats indoors, you do not want to give them names such as Slammy or Snouty. Instead, you can use more descriptive names like Snuggles or Smooth.

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