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A Look at the Newest Anime Series funny cartoon

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A favorite of mine is The Night Watch, by Frank Miller. This funny cartoon about a night watchman who stops crimes in the city is one of my all-time favorites. The Night Watch was Miller’s second comic book superhero series and where the story was better than the previous one, it still remains a funny cartoon that every child should read.

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Another one of my all-time favorites is Shrek. A Disney movie featured Tim Burton as Shrek, an average-looking human who lives in a fantasy world called Shrekland. He works with Princess Fiona and Donkey to defeat the evil Lord Cruella DeVil. The cartoon became popular among children during the Christmas and Thanksgiving seasons.

Nickelodeon has a show that is very similar to Shrek, named Rugrats. It is about six tiny monkeys that live in a fantasy world named Rugrats. These six lovable critters have a mission in life: To protect the beautiful princess, named Barbie from the evil clutches of the evil King Pants. The show is very popular among preschoolers. The voice of Shrek can be heard in the opening credits when Rugrats goes on a quest to save Barbie.

For some reason, both Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network decided to combine Spongebob Squarepants with a show about a dog named Squidward. This Funny cartoon series is so much fun to watch, especially when Squidward gets to solve the mystery of who keeps calling his pineapple home. Both the Nickelodeon episodes and the Cartoon Network version are well thought out, witty, and interesting.

Another popular series that is geared towards children is Kung-Fu Kitty. This is an online game that is very similar to World of Warcraft. The main difference is that the virtual world is entirely fictional, except for the schools that the main characters attend. The main character, Kung Fu Kitty, will wander through the school, killing anyone that gets in his way while searching for information about the evil Shnookums. This animated cat is about ten years old and is super cool.

There is one common trait between Kung Fu kitty and Shrek. Both are animated, and both are made by DreamWorks Animation. While there are similarities to the early Pokemon episodes, I think that a lot of the episodes are actually remakes and that the producers and writers do not spend as much time crafting the stories as they would a modern cartoon. It is probably because the concept for Kung Fu Kitty was so cool and became popular very quickly.

funny cartoon

Finally, there is the return of the dark mask of Phantom Blackness. This time, Dr. Dark Mask is not waiting for a girl to come along, but for a boy. This leads to the adventures of Shnookums and Kung Fu Kitty as they try to help this boy and rescue the beautiful princess from Shnokums (an evil fairy). The animation is pretty good, except for the part when the evil Dr. Dark mask bursts into flames.

I enjoyed all three of these episodes (especially the last one) and recommend them to anyone who likes anime, fantasy, or just comedy. Although the animation may not be up to par with the final product, it is still a lot of fun. I recommend giving it a try on your favorite channel, especially if you are a cartoon fan. You never know, you may become addicted to watching these shows and become more serious about them in the future. Or maybe you just laugh at the mistakes made by the kids in these cartoons and forget about them.

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