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A Look at the Different Types of Funny Cartoons

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Funny cartoons are not just funny to see but also hilarious to share. This is so because funny cartoon writing is not only an expression of one’s wit but a means to get his audience hooked on his wit as well. It’s therefore highly advised for readers who wish to be amused by funny writing content. The funny cartoons have been known to remain popular in today’s day, and are still going strong in the years to come.funny cartoon

One of the most famous funny cartoon characters is Phantom, from the DC comics’ Batman comics. He is an extraordinary masked villain who appears in a number of episodes of the Batman series. His personality is totally weird and is an awesome amalgamation of a lot of other things. One example is that he has a pith helmet that is perpetually dripping with goo. He has pale yellow skin with dark hair and is voiced by John Aston.

Another super funny cartoon character is Kung-Fu Kitty from Disney’s Kung Fu Panda. Like most Disney cartoon characters, Kung-Fu Kitty is a very laid-back kind of guy. He is calm and collected and doesn’t really have any superhuman abilities. He is simply a master kung fu kite fighter. And like most cartoon kung fu kites, his weapons are either a staff or a kung fu tail.

One episode of Kung Fu Kitty depicts him getting attacked by some ninjas. While he is being attacked, he fakes that he is being poisoned by some “cursed black beans”. He then swallows them. What actually happens is that the “cursed black beans” are actual black beans that contain a chemical called menthol. He realizes what he has done at the end of the episode, but is still confused as to how and why he did it.

Another movie that has a lot of humor is Phantom Knight. This movie star Jack Sparrow is also rumored to be a diabetic. In one scene, he puts his insulin in a can to balance it out but accidentally places it into his mouth instead. The can of insulin falls into a can of piranha oil and causes an explosion that tries to eat Jack Sparrow.funny cartoon

A common feature among Oriental films is the presence of tattered step-ladder props in which the main characters walk. Sometimes they use rice paper. Some Asian films use step-ladders as well. One notable example is The Pad Man, where Le Plonger travels up and down a bamboo stele with a step-ladder on the bottom.

In Kung Fu Panda, evil Panda imitates a white kung-fu practitioner who wears white face powder and white shoes. The white powder makes him seem like a clown, but he is actually a practitioner. When he removes the mask, the white face reveals that he is actually a trained martial artist who is in fact a black belt. This movie shows the different types of martial arts and the differences between them.

In the Kung Fu Panda movie, Dr. Zoidberg (voiced by Ken Jeong) sends his assistant, Kairi, to borrow a book from the library to do some research. When Kairi arrives at the library, he finds it to be full of phony books that say “Zoidberg wants you to visit his laboratory.” To make matters worse, there is a very disgusting green-colored ooze oozing out of one of the pages. Kairi assumes that the book is a dirty read, so he leaves the library and returns to Dr. Zoidberg’s office…only to find the door to the lab has been locked.

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