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Dirty Dad Jokes For Dads in the New Year

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“Dirty jokes for Dad” has become the very latest trend in funny home videos, adult cartoons, late night infomercials, stand-up comedy routines and just about anything else you can think of to poke fun at and/or make light of your favorite (or not so favorite) Dad. So what’s the big deal, anyway? Why are we all beginning to feel the need (and maybe even forced by our parents) to tell jokes about dirty dad jokes, anyway? Are we, as a nation, starting to feel a bit deranged and like we’re trying to push some sort of agenda or lighten up some of the darker issues surrounding us and our parents? Yes, there are tons of great clean jokes for adults, sure, but sometimes you just need to go a bit dirtier.Dirty Dad Jokes

In fact, dirty dad jokes can be a triple whammy of comedy success simply because they can actually make some people laugh. Even if they don’t, however, you’ll at least know that everyone else around you is having a great time while at the same time adding fuel to the fire of the ” Dad Divide ” that exists in America over the years. Everyone is divided about their beloved Dad and about Dad being a dirty chauvinist pig. While we might not like to admit it, our Dad really does drive us nuts. Dirty jokes for dad can help us escape from this particular conversation for a few brief moments.

Dad jokes, of course, have long been a staple of humor across the generations. We’ve all heard a dirty joke or two when we were younger, and we adults always return the favor. We even have a favorite dirty jokes collection that we pull out and crack on any given day. However, the current climate of talk has thrust us into an entirely new era of dirty jokes for dad that is redefining the genre forever. Here are a few examples of how they’re redefining the genre.

First, let’s take a look at the new genre of dark dad jokes for dad that’s sweeping across the nation. While birthday dad jokes have always had the classic strip club jokes mixed in with them, dark, straightforward comedy is taking center stage in the birthday party field. These stories are funny, mean-spirited, and straightforward. They are the best dad joke ideas for father’s day that you’ll ever hear.Dirty Dad Jokes

Another example is the Vicodin Vitamin that has been selling off the internet for the last year or so. Many people are getting into the ” Vicodin Vitamin” craze, finding out that it’s 100% natural and organic, and in fact helps with weight loss! This may be one of the best dirty dad jokes for dad ideas for fathers in the new year. With the ” Vicodin ” vitamin, fathers will never have to worry about another stiff neck again. They’ll be able to take advantage of all the health benefits of this organic formula by simply popping a pill every day.

Finally, the list is now complete with the newest craze that has swept across the United States and is sweeping the country: CosmoProf. This phenomenal product has been flying off the shelves since it was released into stores nearly two months ago. CosmoProf is essentially a coloring book for your kids, featuring all sorts of different funny and silly celebrity crayons that are aimed solely at children. In a nutshell, it’s coloring books for your kids that have been turned into high-definition pictures and animations, giving your child the best of both worlds. So if you want the best of dirty dad jokes for dad this year, check out CosmoProf. Your child will thank you!

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