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Chuck Norris Jokes – Learn the Truth About His Love For Facts

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Chuck Norris facts are usually humorous bits about the famous American actor and martial arts expert, who have nonetheless become an instant Internet sensation and have become widely prevalent in online culture. The facts are usually pure absurdity, hyperbolic statements regarding Norris’s manliness, toughness, macho, and sophistication. For instance, one website quotes Chuck as saying: “I’m the best there is or I wouldn’t be here right now. I think if I was made to come out of retirement – it’d be a piece of cake.” Though there’s no way of knowing if this is true – how can someone retire for that?

chuck norris jokes

Another says: “There aren’t a lot of people left who know what a real man looks like. We’ve all got a little bit of the Chuck Norris in us, even if we’re only an average Joe.” Indeed, it seems that Chuck Norris Jokes are very popular with the younger generation (and by extension, the male population) who seem to identify more with the action hero than with the wise wordsmith of the “old days”. One thing is for sure though, no matter where you look, from Texas to Outer Space, Chuck is definitely a character people identify with – and his presence on the Internet will only fuel his popularity even further.

So let’s start with the truth. Chuck Norris facts aren’t real; they’re made up for entertainment purposes. But that’s not to say he doesn’t have his critics. One website claims, “Nothing is funnier than Chuck Norris” while another asks “is chuck Norris joking appropriate material for children’s TV?”. It’s impossible to state whether these claims are true or not, but we can look at some of the real Chuck Norris Facts and figure out when Chuck Norris jokes are appropriate for young viewers and adults alike.

First of all, there’s the age-old joke that a man must wait a full 20 minutes before he makes the first joke. Once he makes his first joke, then everybody else is bound to join in, including the waitstaff. But does this rule apply to real Chuck? Not necessarily.

While it would be impossible to take away the presence of chuck Norris jokes, taking away the ability to make observations through observation is a distinct possibility. In fact, observations are perhaps more important than jokes in telling a story. Take, for example, the ongoing joke about how the old-time champion of the world arm wrestling tournament was so upset at how his arm wrestling match turned out, he decided to enter an alternate dimension and get thrown out of it. Of course, nobody really explained how that happened exactly, but we do know it was done via a revolving door…

The point is that this is only one possible interpretation of what’s going on with Chuck Norris’ real life. What’s more important, is that he does bring laughter, and that laughter brings hope. Because Chuck Norris is able to evoke laughter, or at least make people laugh, then we can be sure that he believes that tears cure cancer, or at least can make life very much easier to live. It takes a lot of guts to stand up in front of an entire room full of people and make them laugh, especially when you’re just beginning. The fact that Chuck has been able to achieve this despite his initial misgivings about comedy, is a pretty good indicator that there’s something to what he’s trying to sell.

chuck norris jokes

What’s also interesting about this is that Chuck has made no secret about the fact that he loves martial arts. This is probably not as well known as the fact that he’s been compared many times to Bruce Lee, but it’s true. Indeed, martial arts are a large part of what keeps Chuck Norris busy during the off-season, as he’s been training for his various acting gigs. This same interest in martial arts can be found in his standup comedy, as his humor derives almost entirely from this fact.

So, what does all this have to do with the old truth about Chuck Norris’ love for facts? Well, if the old truth was true, it would be highly likely that Chuck would be a huge fan of facts. In fact, given the way that he presents them, the information he brings to the table is often laugh-out-loud funny. In that case, the use of some related jokes and some clever martial arts facts is certainly appropriate, especially since they help us to identify with the real person.

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