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One Christmas jokes Sayings You Can Use at Your Fun Christmas Parties

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Christmas jokes are a traditional element of the Christmas season. People of all ages, religions, and backgrounds love to tell them during this time of year. There is one category of Christmas jokes that almost everyone participates in: The Christmas Carol. Most people know the Christmas story by heart and have some variation of the story in their minds. It’s easy to slip into the spirit of the holiday when you are making up your Christmas jokes.

Christmas jokes

A good way to get started with your own collection of funny Christmas jokes for the holidays is to find some of your favorite Christmas films or television shows and create your own Christmas jokes around the characters that you see in them. If you’re watching the movie Home Alone, for example, you could make a couple of jokes about the Scrooges. Or, if you are watching Modern Family, you could poke fun at the nuclear family. You’ll quickly find that there are many other Christmas jokes that can be shared around the holiday season.

Some of the best Christmas jokes come from inside jokes. Many of us grew up with or still have relatives who are outright hostile towards the very concept of Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, and the entire Christmas holiday. That’s part of what makes it so great to tell some of your friends and family Christmas jokes about Santa and the Christmas holidays. If you have a whole family of elves that will never see the light of day, then maybe you can make a few Christmas crackers for the big day. You can use the same Christmas songs that you used in your Christmas jokes about Santa to add a little bit of humor to your cracker jokes.

Another great idea for Christmas jokes involves the Christmas tree. Everyone remembers the scene in Home Alone where Mike (Eddie Murphy) builds the biggest Christmas tree in the world using his bare hands. There is something almost comical in the way that he is building the tree, which almost resembles a giant, multi-colored thumb. This type of Christmas cracker is the perfect companion to a long, drawn-out holiday tune like “White Christmas” or a similar classic. The snowman that Mike builds in the movie almost falls off the top of his head, only to be saved by a passing snowball.

If you’re looking for the best Christmas jokes you might also want to consider the classic Christmas story, A Christmas Carol. One of the great things about this old story is that it’s a classic that will bring a smile to the face of just about anyone. Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge, and the Christmas Carol can make for an interesting subject matter for some Christmas crackers. Some of the Christmas jokes in A Christmas Carol revolve around the titillation of a Victorian tale. It would make an interesting subject for a holiday card or letter if you wrote a letter to Dad that said,” Dad, I know I’ve been unloving lately, but I just wanted to let you know I’m sorry – I’ll try to make things better.”

Christmas jokes

Of course, the Gingerbread Man put forward by Jean Sibelius is one of the most famous Christmas jokes. This story goes all the way back to the days of Cleopatra. Here, a boy takes his mother on a shopping escapade, where she buys a gigantic gingerbread man for a Christmas treat. When she tries to give him the large gingerbread man, he steals it and then proceeds to break into her home and takes the woman’s collection of jewelry. When she asks for his return, he says, “If you want my gift, you need to give me the biggest gingerbread man.” That was then, and this is now.

The pineapple tree is always mentioned in the Christmas songs we hear in the holiday season, and it’s often followed by the old familiar “when will the pine tree come?” But if you’re looking for some of your own funny Christmas presents, you might want to look no further than “How did you get my pineapple tree? How did you get inside my house? How did you put the light out?” If you’re giving Christmas gifts to children, the “How did you get my tiny friend” sort of question can bring on a whole string of fits of laughter for them.

Another one of my favorite Christmas jokes is one that I often recite when I have guests over: “One of my friends told me that you have to eat an apple every single day until you die!” In the standard Christmas tale, the apple is the classic bad fruit, and in this telling, it’s a boy who must eat an apple… and if he doesn’t, he gets awfully sick and doesn’t last long. Another version of the same tradition is that if you don’t eat an apple, you go blind. And if you do manage to eat one apple and end up staying awake all night, you’re declaring a master of the Christmas alphabet!

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