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Best tinder pick up lines For Guys That Work

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Funny tinder pickup lines are perhaps the perfect way to break through the ice on your first date. They’ll reveal to a potential date that you actually have a great sense of humor! The best part is that you won’t sound stupid or like you’re insecure about yourself in any way. In fact, if used correctly you’ll build a connection that could last for years!

best tinder pick up lines

So what exactly are the best tinder pick up lines? Well, there are literally hundreds of them that you can find on the internet. However, some of my favorites are ones that I’ve personally come up with. For example, I like to use funny lines like “Cute like a cucumber” when I’m flirting with women on the Netflix platform. This brings out the insecurities in a woman and makes her feel sexy.

Another one of my favorite best tinder pick up lines is “You make me so hot I could stick my finger in it!” This is pretty funny as it’s sort of puts the woman on the spot and makes her think about what she would do with a man’s finger. Another good one is “I bet you think that size Penis gets much bigger after you get married?” When you say this you instantly make the woman feel crazy and irresistible. Not only that, but you also make her laugh which is always a bonus.

Alright, so now that we got that out of the way we can talk about some of my favorite best tinder pick-up lines that I use with girls. I like to start out by saying that I try to steer clear of cheesy lines when flirting on the Netflix platform. Why? Because they’re just boring and they will never work.

However, when you’re using pick-up lines like “you look like a real hottie” or “I’m good yo” you’re actually setting her up for a great experience. What I mean by that is by having these pick-up lines loaded in your repertoire, she will get the feeling that you’re fun and you’re not going to be a pain in the ass. The Emo Emojis are great for this because they immediately get women emotionally attached to you.

Now for something that I recommend for all pick-up artists….use the “mom always told me” line. It’s probably my favorite pickup line and it gets amazing results. “What mom always told me was Don’t act like an idiot!” The instant you hear this you will get a huge smile from her and she will instantly feel like you’re hitting on her. Great stuff!

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