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Bad Dad Jokes Is No Longer the Default Word

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Bad Dads are everywhere. No matter how far away you are from them, you can find yourself being drawn into watching bad-mannered dads at their worst, even if they’re from another state. It’s as if the more unkind things a man says to his wife, daughter, or child, the stronger his desire to hurt them grows. There’s nothing more painful to a woman than watching her husband or boyfriend belittle her, or make her feel inferior without realizing how much he feels the need to do so.

bad dad jokes

Some of the funniest bad dad jokes are from his seemingly harmless birthday wishes like Dad, get a new outfit, and a pretty girl for the office. Other dad jokes don’t have to be about him finding a new dress or wanting a pretty girl, some of the best delivery of Dad jibes come over e-mail or on a handwritten card. Writing them to a family member or a close friend is a great way to pass along your thoughts. You can also include some comical pictures from when the two of you were first together to really get the point across. A good dad joke will always have an element of truth in it, even if the joke sounds silly or made up.

Many people choose to share bad dad jokes through social media, and the Internet has provided a venue for them to do so. Sites like MySpace and Facebook allow anyone to post a joke, or numerous jokes, about anything and everything. They’re a great way to network with others who enjoy funny situations and humorous words. While many of the original April fishes have taken to using online sources to pass around their ideas, some men have embraced April fishes in more traditional formats, like coloring books and stickers. With the popularity of these new sources of humor and the growing amount of support for the online community, it’s easy to see why dadoes are one of the top trends on the Internet.

Some men, however, still haven’t embraced the online community surrounding dad jokes. In an attempt to hold on to what’s become a deeply-held belief, many men continue to search for the perfect corny dad joke. While there is no shortage of them, many of them have been produced by amateur comedians who may lack the experience or talent to create a successful one-liner that people enjoy. The result is often a corny dad joke that falls flat in both the comedy world and the audience.

When you hear someone use bad dad jokes, the first thought that probably comes to mind is, “Oh, this is a bad joke.” The reason for this is that a bad joke, as any comedian will tell you, is simply a bad joke. It has one or a few problems in common with the best ones, but they are not major flaws. The real problems come when a poor-quality bad dad joke is used to poke fun at a person or situation, without ever taking the time to examine whether or not it is actually even funny.

If bad dad jokes are going to remain a popular part of the joke’s repertoire, then people need to be able to recognize them for what they are. This is probably easier said than done. Dad websites are loaded with examples of other funny dad humor, but there is very little analysis of those jokes beyond the gag. The result is that a casual reader is exposed to a few bad jokes here and there, with no attempt to understand how or why.

bad dad jokes

A better way to approach humor on dad websites might be to look for examples of good dad humor. When you read those examples, you’ll see that most of them begin and end with a single, punchline-style statement. The punchline typically brings a single thought and then develops the rest of the joke around that single thought. A couple of examples might like this: “My son if you do this…you get a big kick out of me.” Or “My dog, if I lie down…I get a big laugh.”

While bad dad jokes are obviously still used in comedy, it appears that they are being used less by the current generation’s dads. The days of long hot laughs that help make a joke work seem like magic are gone. Instead, we are seeing a focus on telling great, intelligent, and meaningful jokes. Funny puns are a part of that, but they aren’t the main ingredient.

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