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What Are bad dad jokes? (And Don’tsay Them Yourself)

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The bad dad jokes have long been the staple of stand-up comedy. They’re funny, they’re outrageously offensive, and they’re just plain fun to make. There are few people who find that so-called bad jokes, which are often made as a result of an upset child, are funny. Some may find them offensive.

The bad dad joke isn’t a delicate thing to create. Part knowing why it elicits the loud, angry response, part lacking creativity, it is simply necessity: It needs to be funny. As a result, when trying to come up with jokes for dad, one must consider exactly what the target audience is, and how best to reach out to them. This is where funny bad dad jokes come into play.

bad dad jokes

Let’s take a look at an example. If your father has recently had an affair, and you think it’s gone too far, you might like to tell him about it in his own home. You can do this in a manner that doesn’t require him to leave his house. In fact, you could do this while he’s sleeping. This kind of joke will garner attention, without going over the top.

On the other hand, if your father is a good-natured man with a big heart, and he’s made it clear that he doesn’t want any children, then your bad dad jokes about kids might end up sitting in the shadows, where they’ll go unnoticed. Instead, you might choose to make your corny dad jokes about children more subtle. For example, you might say something along these lines: My father is such a great man who loves his children more than anything in the world. He wouldn’t have it any other way. Kids just aren’t part of his life.

Or you might decide to give him one of the old standby bad dad jokes about children: You were such a great mom when they were young, and now they turn out to be such bad children. You know, like all children, they make one big mistake — they act like adults. Don’t worry; you can still teach them the difference. Just send them out to the yard to play fetch, and as they play, say something to the effect of “this is a really good plaything.” After that, you’ll see them heading in the proper direction.

Of course, you can’t just leave out dad jokes about women if you’re trying to avoid going over the top with your dad jokes. After all, no one likes to see a woman as a sex symbol, and you don’t want your children to think that they can be a sex symbol. So instead of making fun of women, talk to them in the same way you would other people. They will appreciate it, and it will help them understand that you love them regardless of what they do. And hey, if they have a better sense of humor than you do, you could always teach them a few bad dad jokes!

Now, the key to making your dad smile is knowing exactly what to say when your dad has a bad day. Sometimes, it becomes apparent when you’ve made it known that the old man needs some gentle guidance. If you are patient and kind when your dad has a bad day, he’ll likely return the favorlater on in life when he’s ready.

So if you ever find yourself with an awkward moment, remember these lines from bad dad jokes. You’ll be glad you did. Not only will they help you make your dad happy again but they’ll also make the people around you more comfortable with him, too. That means you’re already on the road to better relationships. Just make sure you know the funny lines before you use them! After all, you don’t want to upset someone unnecessarily, do you?

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