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April Fools Jokes – When to Pull Them

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April Fools Day is nothing if not the season of the prank. Each year, we’re treated to a parade of gags and pranks that culminates with the grand opening of silly events. People line up by the door to get a front-row seat at the funniest (and usually unsuccessful) stunt of the year. And if you don’t make it to the opening, chances are you’ll miss all the fun! But what if you did make it to the party and found your friends had taken over the party? Don’t worry; here are some great ideas for hosting an even better April Fools’ Day!april fools jokes

Have the kids create a cereal marathon on April fools day – serve up corned beef sandwiches, waffles, wafers, and all other types of corned beef treats. Make sure the guests have never eaten this type of food before, and make it fun by letting them help choose their corned beef treat. April Fools Day doesn’t have to mean corned beef! You could serve up some soft-boiled eggs, cheesy toast with crackers, or whole-grain bread with lemon slices and a side of fresh fruit.

If you have a pool at your house, have some kids get their hands wet and try their hands on various water activities. This can range from floating through the pool, popping a bubble in the middle of it, sliding down in a basket, using a floating globe, or any number of other water-based april fools jokes pranks. When they have finished, simply clean up the cereal (or have it go so bad that the kids won’t want to eat it again).

One of the most popular pranks during april fools jokes is a game of hot potato. In this game, a single child blindfolded will pass from one end of a room to the other, asking for a potato. The only person who can answer him is his partner. Whoever guesses the correct answer first, gets to keep the potato. This game is even better if the partners can’t see each other, in which case the blindfolding takes the form of tossing the ball back and forth between the partners. April Fools’ Day pranks like this one are great because it’s a really fun game that is bound to attract a crowd.april fools jokes

The most popular kind of April Fools jokes is when the participants all agree to do a prank for the rest of the group. This can be anything, such as hiding something in the dryer or under the carpet, spreading some confetti or even running around and mumbling to themselves while doing a prank. While this may sound silly, it is incredibly funny when the actors actually pull it off, which is why many amateur filmmakers often make videos featuring their own April Fools’ Day pranks. However, it is equally important that these prank ideas should be neither dangerous nor offensive; if they are, then the whole event will turn into a disaster. In addition to the danger of performing a dangerous prank, another reason for avoiding pranks is that it is nearly impossible to come up with a good one if the participants don’t have a common purpose or theme. For instance, if your goal is to make your roommate think that you went on a date this past weekend, you will fail miserably.

The best pranks are those that are simply silly, and which take advantage of an April Fools’ Day tradition. If you want to test your skills in pulling off the perfect April Fools’ Day prank, you should consider hiring a professional comedian or prankster to come up with the ideas for the event. Remember that while your friends may not enjoy your attempt to poke fun at them through the use of April Fools’ Day jokes, you will likely find that your classmates and other guests do. The only people who won’t find that amusing are your supervisor or the people who actually run the office.

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