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A coffee shop, coffeehouse or cafe is similar to a restaurant except that the main bill of fare is a variety of coffee drinks rather than food. Coffee shops specialize in drinks such as coffee latte, coffee macchiato, espresso and cappuccino but iced coffee drinks, frozen coffee drinks and flavored coffee drinks might also be available.

The food menu in coffee shops is typically limited to finger foods such as cookies, cakes and muffins. Tables, chairs and sometimes couches are provided so that customers can linger and socialize while enjoying their coffee. In recent years coffee shops have provided internet connections so that students and businesspeople can bring their laptops to the coffee shop.

A coffee house (or coffeehouse) differs from a coffee shop in that it emphasizes the social aspects and typically provides live music and poetry readings in addition to the features of a coffee shop. Games are frequently provided such as backgammon and chess. Some coffeehouses allow customers to display their artwork and others have game nights but the emphasis is as much on socializing and building community as it is on providing food and drink.

The coffee shop originated in the middle ages in middle-eastern countries.

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Vintage Coffee Shop T-Shirts
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Coffee Shop Ad T-Shirts
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Retro Coffee Shop T-Shirts
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Abstract Coffee Shop T-Shirts

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